A Riot in a Jam Jar series by James Cauty


Blog Rebellion has released its first comp and the least i can say is that it’s super upfront music !

Many artists, many places, many horizons. Each track is sweet as love can be, with a dubby reggae flavour. Forget winter open up your windows, play loud and share the heat !
Honestly i would have loved presenting one specific track among all the others, but it’s difficult as they all have a little something that catches the ear.
I’d like however to spend some time to talk about Grodio, first because he’s the one who told me about the comp (thx man), and second because he’s a great producer himself.
Grodio comes from Munich, Germany and has a style not limited to one genre in Global Bass, on the contrary, it ranges from sweet clubby electronica like :
Grodio feat. Nini Martini – Fever

to Moombahton and Trap :
Ultramagnetic MCs – Poppa Large (Grodio Remix)

Grodio – Nuttin to worry about

You can get the tracks for free, just visit his Facebook fan page and you’re done !

Mike Din Canadian producer has recently released on the free label We are the Villa a beautiful 6-track EP including a remix from Ryan Hemsworth and Toboggan. Downtempo, floating atmosphere like a haze of purple smoke blended to sweet juke beats. The EP is a « pay what you want » download so you have no excuse not to get it (visit the label page).
mike din – losing you

Mike Din – Losing You (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

And mentioning Ryan Hemsworth, big up to him for this superb remix of Mikky Ekko‘s Pull me Down !

Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Mojek, artist from Chicago, brings us a lovely EP full of mashed sounds from the African continent. The result is really pleasant and we really hope to hear more from him soon.

Mojek – “Young Africa” Free DL Thru Global Ghetto

And ok, i know you’re quite relaxed now, having listened to all those tracks, but it’s time you got a bit of fast paced footwork !

Let’s start with that recent release of Rebel Sonix and Lantan. A cheerful track, which (that’s a compliment) sounded a bit like some Indian tunes at moments.

“Back It Up” Rebel Sonix & Lantan

Yes you know the track from Dirty House Dj Skitzofrenix, but the good news is that the track has now been officially released on digital platforms (and not only Beatport) so enjoy !
Skitzofrenix – Respek Di Woman

And a big big up to Boogaloo! Thx to you guys and your super mixtape i got to know that track !

BOOGALOO mix x Global Player Selector (Funkhaus Europa Radio)

Last week we were talking about a nice remix of Boogaloo but know that this week a beautiful video of their Galla Galla track was released and it’s really worth the look. I strongly suggest you watch it to the end before commenting ! Some of your preconceived ideas might be wiped out !

BOOGALOO – Galla Galla

And whatever happens (or has happened by the time this post is published) remember this message from our leader !

Credit : a riot in a jam jar by James Cauty

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