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You already had one BIG freebie from us earlier today, The Shazalakazoo Remixed EP and now it’s time for something that we’ve been supporting since it first emerged on the scene, Moombahton.

In the early days whenever people spoke about Moombahton, Generation Bass would be mentioned in the same breath, and we are proud of that because we are part and parcel of its history and we still continue to support it almost 4 years later.

We were talking about and supporting Moombahton when nobody gave it much attention at all and it helped that some of our close friends and fellow bloggers were involved in the scene from its instigation.

Munchi, who has been blogging for us since early 2010, breathed life into it by the creation of the first original tracks which demonstrated the sheer scope and diversity that could be discovered in the genre as time went on and also he proved that it was beyond more than an edits gimmick. Heartbreak & Munchi went on to showcase new sub-genres such as Moombahsoul and Moombahcore and both of them, between them, created some of the classics that live on to this very day, still retaining their freshness and excitement.

If it wasn’t for these 2 producers, we’re not sure if Moombahton would have survived and excelled as far as it has.  Were it not for them, we are not even sure we’d be talking about it and delivering to you this exciting new compilation that has been curated by one of the dudes who has been a supporter of the scene from the very start, Steve Ohh!

Most of you will know Steve via his artwork that has graced many Moombahton releases including our recent free series.  Steve has done a sterling job in rounding up some heavyweight tracks for this compilation from a range of new and exciting producers, some of whom you will already be familiar with and some of whom you don’t know but will want to be familiar with, by the time you have finished listening to the compilation.

Many are saying, this is perhaps one of the best Moombahton compilations of the year!!! So if you want to know where Moombahton is in 2013 then you can’t go wrong if you take time to download and check out this compilation, which will bring you bang up to date with this explosive new scene.

Grab the whole thing HERE!


Seasonal fellatio 🙂 from the whole Generation Bass Team!

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