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I am relatively new to this whole blogosphere, this is my first “end of year” post, so while everyone else out there is busy compiling their best of 2012 lists I figured I would go a slightly different route and share a few older mixes that I feel are dope enough to stand up as my favorite mixes of ALL TIME!!!

The first one here is from a true legend in the world of Tropical Bass, Uproot Andy. The Guarcharaca Migration Mix was released in 2008 and for me personally it was the first time I encountered such a fantastic, cohesive blending of Latin, Caribbean and African sounds with elements of electronic production. For me, even before I was familiar with the term Tropical Bass, this was truly my first encounter with this genre that I would come to love so much. It is an amazing mix and moves fluidly from Soca to Kuduro, Cumbia, Crunk, Dancehall and everywhere in between. BIG UPS to Uproot Andy, thanks for making this mix homie, I can honestly say that it changed my life!

Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration Mix by Guacharaca on Mixcloud

The next one here is from my homie DJ Chicus. This Rootstep mix released in 2010 kind of created a sub-genre of its own that I never heard too much from before and not too much after. That would be “Rootstep” something like dubstep but on the very dubby, roots-y, soulistic tip. It came at a time when Dubstep was really taking off here in the USA. However, I felt that this mix was a perfect soulful counterbalance to the aggro-intense ‘Brostep’ scene that was emerging. Whats even more astounding is the fact that this whole mix is made from vinyl, reeeeespect! Spark up the essence and count your blessings!!



The last mix here is maybe my absolute favorite and the single mix that I reach for most often when I am playing chill DJ gigs and need to take a break. The Colorful Sweater mix was released in 2008, made by New York native DJ Elwood. It’s basically soul and disco and pimped out stuff from the 70s and 80s, it’s the type of undeniably groovy tunes that work for almost any crowd anywhere. What makes this mix even better is that it’s all sorts of dope grooves from that era but none of the joints on here are really big well known songs. I remember when Elwood was making this mix and I know for a fact that a large portion of this mix can be traced directly back to Louie’s vinyl collection from the Bronx. Vintage cuts, straight from the source!!!


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