Art by Tu Guiana

Another year has passed where I haven’t felt like I let anyone down in the nu cumbia world, I even feel positive about my efforts with all other transnational bass genres. Honestly I leave this year feeling pretty positive about how I stayed on top of things and didn’t fail to deliver. Sure there were a few slow weeks but I didn’t stop. This means something to me and only fuels me for the next year.

We are going to make some big changes here on Generation Bass. Also we are going to release some very awesome compilations with exclusive tracks through Generation Bass. 2013 will be a year of making big impacts. I know I’m ready, I know Umb is more than ready and I know the rest of the gang is up for it as well.

Next summer we will be releasing a couple nu cumbia compilations that are going to be HUGE. So get ready for more information about that.

I’m excited and grateful to be a part of the Generation Bass family. I have a lot of respect for both Vincent Koreman and Deejay Umb for all their support and good vibes. I honestly can say it has been a great run so far and I feel confident of a greater future.

We end this year with the latest and greatest from the nu cumbia scene.

Dengue Dengue Dengue! has had an exciting 2012 with their release of La Alianza Profana along with other singles. It brings me much pleasure to share their latest. A refix done in the Dengue Dengue Dengue! unique style.

Enrikisimo is always active. He has been putting out bangers all year long much to our pleasure. I have his latest ‘sonidero beats.’

Damo Naimad burst onto the scene this past year with his original work. He has a few different projects happening for him. This is one of them. Released through my friends at Boom One Records, ‘De Cumbia’ is a beautiful digital cumbia gem. (I think I might have shared this one before but I don’t mind bringing it back on if I had).

Mr. Kanti W. is one of or perhaps my favorite producer of 3ball. This year he has released a couple of other awesome EP’s. He ends this year with a new EP, which he also uses to usher in a new exciting year.

Randy Salazar Jr. dug really deep to choose the songs for his nu cumbia mixtape. He features some seriously dope tracks in his mix. It also makes for a perfect salute for the wonderful nu cumbia year of 2012.

Oscar La Saveur came on my radar for the first time in the year of 2012. I am fortunate to have gotten aquatinted with his productions. He put together his mixtape for the New Year as a special gift.

Some funky psychedelic cumbia appeared on my virtual doorstep earlier this week. Produced by Seizo Lozano, ‘Ucayali Maestro’ is the name of this brilliant album. I might use some of this on future soundtracks with permission of course. Much thanks to my friends at KONN Recordings for turning me on to this.

Turn your speakers or headphones up for this next one. Though it is a bit low in volume for mixing smoothly, once I turned up the volume I saw the beauty in this little gem by Club De Baile C’DM.

Good thing the end of the world stuff is behind us because now Polymiller can share ‘Tropicalipsis Now’ with more people as life goes on. It’s a pretty sick track.

Nu cumbia has good representation now in Brazil thanks to the efforts of El Freaky Selector. The future of Brazilian cumbia still has to be written and I’m sure he’ll be on top of it. El Freaky Selector put his mix together to show his love and support of the scene.

Tu Guaina has been featured here many times throughout the past year. Not only his music but his art has been the cover of several of my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia posts including his exclusive cover art for the Halloween edition. Just in time for the New Year, Tu Guaina released his newest innovative cumbia-step track.

I end this week and this year with a fun little mashup by 4:20 Music Flavor. I think it perfectly fits the vibe of New Years for me. It’s a mashup of Mexican Institute of Sound Vs. Panteros 666.

2012 was a very scary year as well as fruitful. It was good for the underground music scene but world economic systems came apart and we all feel the effects. If we can continue without violence and only the goal of reaching a place for the welfare for all mankind then we have a chance of our species existing eternally, I hope we can see past our many differences by at least acknowledging our common goal of peace.

We can do a lot with the new media. I know there have been many jokes about blogging being phony journalism but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Blogging, vlogging, Twitter and Facebook reporting is the more honest media. Look at what happened with Mexico this past year. They had the largest protest in world history yet no journalist or mainstream media covered it. It wasn’t on any of our television sets anywhere in the world. The reporting and the journalism happened online. This is the truth and the new way that we can connect outside of our various political propaganda machines. American’s are evil, Palestinians aren’t evil, Pakistanis aren’t evil, and Israeli’s aren’t evil… Just their governments are.

Have a fun and safe New Year.


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