You probably downloaded this a few hours after it was aired a few weeks ago and what a party we had whilst it was on.

However, here it is direct from the source, Big Hair himself:

What’s good everybody!

Ok, I know that this is kinda late and shit, but I didn’t have internet for a bit which prevented me from uploading it. This is the first rip of the mix that I found online (thanks Talion for ripping it!) and which you were able to find too if you actually took the time to look. It wasn’t that hard lol.

So this is the edited version of the Talion rip and I made it uncensored where they blurred out the bad language. It was pretty cool to hear how much they allowed, considering that there was quite a lot in it. They only blurred out Firepower, Goon Anthem and Deja Tu Vaina Flocka.

Besides that it was awesome to have some of my greatest influences in there represented with their drops. Don Chezina was so nice to make a drop, Polaco was mad excited about it and made a drop and of course my dude DJ Blass with his sick ass drop. Damn, I’m really thankful that I’m able to know all of these influences now and hear all their stories about how all these tracks came together. It’s so fucking sick man, especially for someone like me – a huge Reggeton fan. Also Thomas Blondet gave me some drops waaaaaaaaaaaay back, but I barely make mixes and I never could use them. Finally after 2 fucking years I could use those drops haha! Thanks for that bro!!

And of course much thanks to the BBC fam that edited the mix last minute haha! I made this mix JUST in time yo. I worked an entire week on it with barely any sleep. I was mad excited about it too and to hear that Kemal from BBC made it even more hype with all the drops, airhorns, sirens & glass breaks (never too much, HA!) really made my day. I think you could all see that in those tweets, I think I tweeted more in that hour alone than in 2012, haha! It was a cool way to finish 2012 yo and a good introduction for what I’m going to do in 2013. I hope you guys enjoy/enjoyed it as much as I did while making it!

This was probably the first time that Bachata was aired on BBC, AND WHAT A CLASSIC!

HAHA, I feel like I trolled BBC with the Mega Man X track, Bachata, Skullstep influences and tracklist which was 90% mine LOOOOL! Not forgetting the subtle stab to Azealia. Unnecessary, just like stealing my track eh.

If you didn’t hear it, couldn’t download it or just want the uncensored version – here you go fam!!

Thanks for the support as always. I hope you all had a good new year’s and I hope that you will continue to ride along with me to see where this all is going haha!

Keep it 100 man.


BTW, this is the real tracklist dudes!


1. Munchi – I Love CDLC
2. Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzers Anthem (Munchi’s Its Bangbros Mothafucka Rmx)
3. Munchi – Esta Noche
4. Munchi – Pero Que Lo Que Mujer
5. Munchi – Manolo No Coje Esa
6. Munchi – Dame Coco
7. Keudy De Los Santos – Quiero Cleren (Munchi’s Maless Ni Sabe Holandes Remix)
8. Munchi – Entragos De Un Hombre Casado
9. Munchi – Guess Who’s Back x Fuck This (Blend)
10. DJ Shaun D – Dat A$$
11. Munchi – Sandungueo
12. Munchi – Tempo Got My Back
13. Munchi – Playero Revive x Isa Te Dijo (Blend)
14. Munchi – Krisspy’s Anthem
15. Munchi – Gracias
16. Munchi – Prayer
17. Munchi – Pray (Royer’s Advice)
18. Munchi – Waiting At The Soupbox
19. Munchi – 2nd Path
20. Yuko Takehara – Boomer Kuwanger Stage (Mega Man X)
21. Munchi x Bro Safari – Sin Compromiso (Munchi’s Fuck These Bitchass Promoters VIP)
22. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)
23. Munchi – Nosebleed
24. Chase & Status – Smash TV (Munchi’s ‘Shoryuken’ 3Skull Rmx)
25. Bass Boy – Get A Reload VIP (Munchi’s Kalimoxto & Kapsalon Rmx)
26. Autodidakt ft Spoek – Fake Fred Perry (Munchi Is Muito Random Rmx)
27. Dogz & Bumps ft Mc Zulu – Carnival Madness (Munchi’s Only Beers & Rubbers Rmx)
28. Munchi – El Mayimbe
29. Munchi – Antony Santos
30. El Chaval De La Bachata – Dame Vida
31. Munchi – Tulile Dile Como Es
32. Munchi – Goon Anthem
33. Munchi – Puta
34. DJ Chuckie & Hardwell – I-Alarm (Munchi’s Back Then Schurende Faze In Holly VIP)
35. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Naffie Rmx – Munchi’s Shoutout To Naffie Part II)
36. DJ Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo – Moombah (Afrojack Rmx – Munchi’s Shoutout To Naffie VIP)
37. Morrison x Isa GT – Told Ya
38. Munchi – Sola Fide
39. Munchi – Repent
40. Munchi – John 1:12
41. Munchi – Dedication
42. Joe Veras – Yahaira (Munchi Sabe Porque Son Feka Trap Rmx)
43. Professor Angel Dust – Go (Munchi Is A Thought Criminal Rmx)
44. Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In The Paint (Munchi’s Deja Tu Vaina Flocka Rmx)
45. Comrade x Cidinho – Felicidade
46. Donny & Current Value ft Mc Cidinho Y Doca – Symptomless Coma vs. Rap Da Felicidade (Munchi’s Detangle And Unlearn VIP)
47. Ufo x Silent Killa – Downfall (Munchi’s Guerilla Warfare Rmx)
48. Munchi – Rotterdam
49. Munchi – Onderweg (Apology Letter To My Past, Present & Guidance)
50. Kami Kapnobatai – Oberheim

Released by: Selegna Records
Release date: Dec 22, 2012

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