I wish to take a moment to explain that I am a man’s man, a manly man and man for men! You can find me outside every weekend scoring touchdowns in soccer at the bottom of the 9th inning all while training for the annual super match game with my football squad, of which I am the captain. Yeah I’m a manly man indeed with all my sports and Saturday nights at the clubs hittin’ on bitches. Yo! That’s right I’m a man.

But when I’m not in douche-land you will find me from time to time listening to Pet Shop Boys. I even know how to correctly say their name, any true hardcore PSB fan knows that they’re not THE Pet Shop Boys, but strictly and only Pet Shop Boys. Take that ‘The’ out of there. To know how to correctly say their name means I pass the test of being a true fan.

The truth is I love Pet Shop Boys. And have loved them my entire life. I have a vinyl and CD collection that speaks for itself if you don’t believe me. Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant never stopped. They were one of the few acts to survive the one-hit-wonders of the 80’s and even more so they are one of the few acts to survive the 80’s altogether. They didn’t go anywhere. Instead they kept putting on shows and releasing albums throughout the 90’s, 2000’s and all the way to 2013. A duo is one of he hardest formats to stay together yet just like Donnie and Marie (but much less creepy), Pet Shop Boys are still here and here to stay.

Their new EP of their single ‘Memory of the Future’ was just released along with three other b-sides and a companion Remix EP. Memory of the Future is a single from their latest album ‘Elysium.’ PBS are in top form on this one. On occasion I find myself not caring much for a new album from them but more often I really do enjoy their new stuff. They manage to stay true to their sound that made them blow up in the 80’s while at the same time evolving along with modern musical innovation. At this point in their career I look at them more as legends who deserve much more recognition than they receive. The good thing now though is we can consider them underground as they work with smaller labels and use digital releases as their best means of distribution like so many of us in the underground do.

I am happy to be in a position to write about these legends on a blog that reaches readers internationally. In my own way it’s my way of showing one of my big influences respect after so many years of listening to them. Below is their iTunes link along with the remix EP and their new lyric video of ‘Memory of the Future.’

Sample and download Pet Shop Boys Memory of the Future  EP here.

Sample and download Pet Shop Boys Memory of the Future Remixed EP here.

All that stuff about me being into sports isn’t all that true, I know my claims were convincing but I don’t want to deceive anyone.


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