Much to my delight I must admit the New Year has started strong with cumbia. This time of year also means that I’ve been at the helm of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia for one and half very interesting years. I had no idea how long I would be doing this and I can honestly say that I still have no idea. There are no plans to end in sight for me.

This year I have many goals I wish to achieve. I really want to finish my first album, I want to play sets out more and I hope to continue further down the path of the over-all whole ‘finding myself thing.’ (Maybe I’ll work on that personal relationships problem, if I find the time of course).

I like this time of year the most for a few reasons. I may be a killjoy but I like when the holidays are over because people end up going back to work and school, which means for me that I get the world back in my own way. Since I work from my home office the holidays mean that people are also at home and not where I need them, like at the bank. After 31 and a half years I just realized for the first time that on January 1st no one works. I thought everyone was back to normal after New Years Eve. I had no idea. Also with the holidays over I no longer have the excuse to eat as much junk as I want. From January to September I’m always in the best shape. During the other months I slowly quit exercising and start eating junk all the way to New Years when I’m at my peak of out-of-shapeness. Plus the weather is always nicer from now until late spring when you live in the desert.

Now that I’m done boring you with my awful intro (which I apologize for if you happened to have wasted time reading it) let’s get into the new year of nu cumbia.

Starting off with a beautiful cumbia-dub from DJ Pase. This is a good way to start the SSC new year.

Al Pacheco brings his new project Paperless SoundSystem more exposure with his original track ‘La Copa.’

Last year I brought a new band from Madrid onto SSC with their live music video. This time Ovni Guarajé returns with an all new video for their song ‘Interludio’ featuring William Carreazo.

For their recorded version of this song look no further than here.

Changing the pace up considerably is The Mixters with their 3ball edit of Benny Bennasi’s all too famous ‘Satisfaction.’

In the hands of Panikoo comes a cool edit of the psychedelic masters Sonido Gallo Negro’s ‘Mercado De Brujos.’

It’s always a pleasure to have Pa Kongal here on SSC. I’m always looking forward to any new releases by him. Off his ‘Iron Man Remixes’ EP he shares this cool edit.

Also if you wish to have the ‘Iron Man Remixes’ EP then simpl click here to download.

I don’t quite get the name but that doesn’t matter since ILoveToPao releases ill tracks like this one. There is something eerie about it but that might be a poor choice of word.

Chancha Via Circuito dropped this amazing EP at the end of last year. Semillas EP is incredible. It’s always nice to have a kindred musical soul in this scene.

Camacho 11:11 (€@[email protected]€HO 11≜11) dropped this beauty the other day in front of my radar. It goes in and out of cumbia in interesting ways. Very creative piece.

Albert DJ Style is definitely no stranger here. His edits have become common play in my sets. Here is his new Lisandro Meza edit.

A dope cumbia-bass track comes our way again from the brilliant mind of El Mulato.

Damo Naimad has become one of my favorite producers in the scene today. Last year he tore it up with his Ritmo De Porro EP. This year he’s continuing strong and hopefully we’ll see an new EP or LP come from him soon.

Last up is this really great new track from Mr. Jags. I really love this one, ‘Midnight Cumbia.’

Well I start this weekend like every weekend sharing the best in nu cumbia. So far it’s been a damn good year. Only 360 more days to go to start the cycle again.


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