KONN Recordings out of Chile dropped this by me the other day. I was trying to figure out what to label it then I just gave up. Labels are annoying anyway. There are too many genres, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres. The pain of being a music blogger is having to keep up with all of them and remember their names. The good thing about this EP that allows me to break away from labeling it is due to its extreme diversity from track to track.

The EP is called ‘El Sonido De Lo Inevitable’ by Mañaneros. Pulling together diverse influences Mañaneros masterfully combines electronic musical innovation with tropical roots to produce this brilliant EP. I have to say that I found my favorite track to be track number 3, ‘Cisco Router.’ It is intense and is followed by two very experimental tracks. The EP starts more dance club friendly and within its total of five songs ends eccentrically experimental. I admire such diversity in an EP, especially within five songs.

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