Soniye Muzick- Front


Have you ever imagined what would result if you could place your brain in a blender and press the button ?
I guess it’d be something similar to that 3-track madness released on Latino Resiste label a few days ago. 3 tracks of pure hotness, incendiary beats, drilling vocals, infamous horns and shotgun clics. 3 tracks of dirty 808 beats between trap and bubbling.

Soniye Muzick x French Montana – Pop That
Fired up by the boosted vocals and the dramatic violins of French Montana’s Pop That and the heavy trap beat following you’ll rapidly understand why the EP is called Glory Trap Bubbling.

The second track Soniye Muzick – Flocka reminds me of the superb refix of Max le Daron on Senta with an insane holler that here is the leitmotive of the tune. If you love loud drilling sound you’ll be more than happy !

The last one on the EP Soniye Muzick x MGK – Wild Boy uses the grandiose strings and vocals of Machine Gun Kelly but switches to something very close to acid beat lifted up by the Waka Flocka yells.

Ok i’m sure you’d like to listen to that to have your own opinion. Well know what ? You can do more ! You can have it for free, yes, free, like in free release !

Just check the link !



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