For New Years Eve this year I was DJing a strange “James Bond” themed party at a fancy hotel in Buffalo, NY.   That’s a whole story into itself which has no relevance here except for the fact that I was up in Buffalo for a few days prior to NYE hangin with the homies and doing some random music stuff.  When my dude LoPro told me that the one and only ‘Craze-a-roni’ was coming to town its kinda surprised me.  Hadn’t I seen a tweet that Craze was playing a party with Diplo and Brenmar and all sort of other rock stars in Miami the night before??   I looked around at the huge mounds of melting snow and abandoned buildings, “Why would anyone leave Miami to come to Buffalo in late December?”  Not only that but Craze was playing at a venue I had never heard of and booked by a promoter I had never heard of.   Buffalo is one of those ‘rust-belt’ cities along the great lakes with huge amounts of abandoned industrial infrastructure, so huge venues and parties popping up in warehouses or half functioning spaces is not uncommon, okay let’s see.  When we arrived at the venue there was no line, we walked into this cavernous, sleek, recently renovated space.  The type of space that with even 100 people would feel fairly open, there were about 40.  Nonetheless the music was fresh and I was with some friends who I hadn’t seen for a while so we kicked it, shortly after we arrived Craze jumped on the decks.  He proceeded to drop a superdope,  nearly 2 hour set, mostly Trappy type stuff but dropping into Moombah, of course some turntablism, and even going one for one with the homies from SwaggleRock.  This is someone who truly loves DJing, whether its a crowd of 30 or 3000, Craze tore it down!!  Well here is a mix he did for T&A Records showcasing tracks from the forthcoming release Moombah Forever.  It’s a great compilation with most of the biggest names in Moombahton contributing tracks, although it might be a little TOO heavy for me at certain points.  This feels strange to say but I think the single track on this that really jumped out at me as being dope dope DOPE is Dillon Francis’ Beautician 2.0.  Anyway shouts out to Craze, Ayres, Shooter, Buzz and the Buffalo Sabres!!


[peep this transition]

At the same party where I saw Craze spinning a dude came up to me and introduced himself as Dj Bigski.  We chatted for a bit and he said he would send me his new mix done for the local Buffalo art rag, Artvoice.  Perhaps for lack of having much else interesting going on, the city of Buffalo has a pretty vibrant music and art scene.  Within that is an active dubstep and electronic music community.  A few months ago I reviewed the homie Dj Medison’s mix and I have also reviewed SwaggleRock’s mix for Artvoice, both of which come from this same scene.  Actually I found this mix to be a little more interesting then the ‘Moombah Forever’ mix with some more unknown moody and experimental dubbed out tracks, also dipping into some Moombahcore, Trap and Future Bass stuff.  My only knock is that all the track don’t come up on the listing and theres no DL link as far as I can tell…  Hook it up guys!!!

Artvoice x Bigski by Artvoice on Mixcloud


As far from the frozen lakeshore of Buffalo as one can imagine would be Australia, which is currently, literally, burning up.  Hailing from Sydney is the homie LUNYP.  This mix is unquestionably Trap.  Using a bunch of dope remixes of known Rap and Electronic tracks Luny has constructed a thugged out, crunked up mix that will fufill all your grimiest desires.  Pop a molly, sip that sizzurp and bounce your shoulders, this is real trap sh*t!!!  SALUTE!

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