Over the past few years Transnational Bass or Global Bass has started to become a worldwide phenomenon almost on the cusp of infiltrating into the mainstream! However, one of the originators and innovators of this sound are a bunch of dudes from the UK who were doing it light years ahead of everybody else and that bunch of dudes is this band, Transglobal Underground. They even got the “Trans” in years before I ever did way back in the early 90’s!

If you don’t know who they are, then you really do need to get to know because they are an essential and pivotal part of the history of this whole thing and it’s questionable that blogs like ours would even exist without their important work.

Indeed, the first time I actually heard Dubstep was when Hami from the band opened up for me and my dj partner when we we were Shisha Sound System.  He opened up for us!!!!!! Something clearly wasn’t right that night with the billing!!!

This is not Dubstep but something they call “Kabatronics”!!! and it’s what they are currently up to and it is WOWCHER!!

It is with great pleasure and an imaginary shot of raki that we announce the next production from WORLD VILLAGE UK.

Albanian brass maestros FANFARA TIRANA team up with the UK’s musical mavericks TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND for a rumbustious new musical progeny they call KABATRONICS.

First fruits of this illicit liason is the digital single NO GUNS TO THE WEDDING with a rib-shaking remix by the man NEVENKO.

Spy the rollicking video with a denouement that can only be described as Tarantino-esque:

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