I was recently speaking with Wizraeli who is now living and working in Tel Aviv. Ever since the move back to Israel he has had to slow down with DJ’ing and producing along with blogging. Don’t feel too sad just yet though because he will return to us at Generation Bass very soon. In the meantime he will send new stuff happening in Israel my way for me to post about here.

To share with me the new music happening in his part of the world was my request and was the reason I sought him out, well that and to see how my good friend is doing.

He sent over to me something unexpected. It is powerful, melancholic, light and it is dark. Fitting perfectly to my personal tastes, the music of Tel Aviv resident composer Itai Argaman is breathtakingly thematic. There are two sets that strongly encompass Argaman’s talent and diversity.

First is ‘Living In A Bubble (Day), an eclectic set full of powerful melodies, harmonies, dynamic effects and percussion. This set takes me on a sonic journey that stimulates wonderful imagery in my imagination.

The second set is ‘Living In A Bubble (Night), a darker reflection to the day set. At moments the beauty is overwhelming and other times the music takes turns into chaotic darkness.

Both of these sets will easily take the listener deep into their minds and on a trip they will never want to finish.

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