This great new EP drops next Monday full of Moombahton and Dubstep goodness!

In the interim you can stream the Promo mix below and also grab the amazing free & original Digital Booklet all about the release:

‘InSight & ReSound’

Okulus Anomali: The name refers to “a different perspective” that opens a portal to allow light to shine through veils of darkness. Darkness is not evil…it is the unknown…the unknown becoming known is this very process in motion. There is beauty in the beast and a beast in the beauty. The Sun Rises from the Beast refers to this very concept. Nothing is ever black and white…it’s all a shade of grey.

Okulus Anomali is an Artist (Composer, Producer, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist Musician, Poet-Philosopher/Writer, Graphic Designer, Chef, Opener of Minds…) Born in Budapest, raised in South Florida and travelling much of the world from a young age onwards to the day, Okulus Anomali’s music is saturated with his passion for History, Culture, Science, Irony/Satire, Depth, Humor and Fun. His sound explores the full range of human emotion…for all emotion is an inspiration and has it’s time and place for reflection.

Okulus Anomali infuses his own live instrumentation and DIY production techniques into his tracks along with working with some excellent musicians such as Iraklis Kalamenios (Greek flautist/Musician/Promoter) as well as various vocalists & percussionists. Okulus Anomali plays Guitar, Bass, Dumbek, various Percussive Instruments, Vietnamese Jaw Harps, the Fujara and some drone flutes such as the Snake Charmer and a few others. Okulus Anomali has performed DJ and Live sets for way over a decade in regions including Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Spain, Hungary, Nevada and more. He continues to play at clubs, his residencies in Miami & such esteemed events & festivals including Ultra Music Festival, WMC, Earthdance, Burning Man. Okulus has written theme music for indie films, media projects of various forms.

SOUNDCLOUD: Okulus Anomali

For Bookings: [email protected]

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