This interesting EP came my way through the annoying new Soundcloud, which I might add only increases my annoyance with it with every days end. There is still use to it and for the time being I will continue to be a sport and put up with it until either the triumphant wise return to the old ways of Soundcloud or until its demise has completed and a new service takes its place.

Soundcloud irritation aside, this new EP is quite excellent if I may say so… May I say so?

Good then I say so. This EP came with no title however. So I’ll take a guess and call it ‘Raptor.’ The reason I know it is in an EP is because the producer Augusto Gerardi sent me a message saying it was, and all four tracks were uploaded around the same time in the nature of an EP upload. I’m breaking rules here but I feel impatient to await an answer from Augusto and would rather get this up here as soon as possible.

I find it very difficult to come up with a label to justly express what this EP belongs to. I can say therefore it belongs to none. It is outside of it all, there is so much going on it’s incredible. I feel we have a unique producer on our hands and I’m proud to be the one to share his work here on Generation Bass.

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