I think for the first time ever there are now officially more internet record labels than there are artists and DJ’s. It’s true. I’m not sure how it happened but I did see it coming. These days all you need to start a label is an internet connection, then bingo you have your very own genuine record label. It is an online epidemic. I can’t keep track of all of them anymore (not that I could before). I even thought about starting one this year but then asked myself the question, “why?” It’s astounding, even my grandmother has a record label, and she’s been dead since 1988! It’s just that popular these days.

Now I’m not saying that none of these labels are good. Quite the contrary actually. There are major pros to this net-label epidemic. There are talented people I would never heard of if it wasn’t for many of these labels. But I am saying united we make bigger impacts, divided we fall apart and are weaker. It’s something to think about.

In the period of time it took you to read this, five new record labels just opened for ‘business,’ while ten were mentally conceived and will launch before tomorrow morning. Hey! What a great idea, I should start a record label! I’m a genius and I’m gonna be rich!

Now to the cumbia.

Rescate DJ starts things off with his ‘Danza En El Aire’ cumbia Colombiana remix.

The party animal and DJ/Producer of a label I’m honestly really into, Terror Negro Records, comes back to SSC hitting hard with his dope dumbiaton remix.

4:20 Music Flavor makes good use of one of Turbo Sonidero Futuristico’s cumbia breaks he shared with us a few weeks ago. The chill laid back vibe of this one soots me well.

Let’s take a deep dub trip now with El Mulato’s ‘Dub y Dub y Dub’ piece.

Bematela meets Manuek Olvera meets La Sonora Dinamita on this awesome mashup of ‘Las Brujas.’ It is still my favorite La Sonora Dinamita song and here it has a new, different life.

Since we’re in a place now with La Sonora Dinamita, this next one fits all too well. Albert DJ Style revisits ‘Escandalo’ for us.

Pedrolito Radioglobal has been keeping it up with his ‘Folklore Digital’ mixes, much to many people’s content. Here is his latest good selection of new tropical songs.

Folklore digital #4 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

Sticking with mixtapes for the moment. Here is a new one from Polymiller. It is a new mixtape of psychedelic cumbia roots music.

Mixtape pura cumbia!! by Polymiller on Mixcloud

Changing the vibe up, here is a cumbia reggae edit of C Daynger by DJ Harry P.

Tribal is still hanging on and going strong. Every few weeks I hear a new edit or remix that takes the genre to a new place. Mr. Kanti W. is one of the producers at the innovative forefront in my opinion. Here is his latest wild mashup.

Camacho 11:11 is still new on my radar. I’m grateful that he is there and I’m grateful that I can share his work with the rest of you. This is an interesting piece of work called ‘Brooklyn Cumbia.’

One of those sick cats at Sub Klub released a new EP. Black Mandingo to be exact. This cumbia urbana EP is really dope.

I have a few mixtapes here this week. They are all considerably different from one another. Actually this one is quite bizarre. I took a liking to it, maybe you will too.

Fruta Abrillantada (Mixtape) by Adrian Salas Abrego on Mixcloud

It doesn’t take long for Yelram Selectah to make his way to SSC for an appearance. It’s his fault that his tracks are so awesome and original.

The Mixters are one of the next sure to be big names in tribal. This remix will explain why this is true.

We all need some brain candy from time to time. The only difference is the procedure of how we do it and what we do it with. Well whatever your specialty is, I made this little mini mix to help out with the brain candy of your choosing. Mine is Gummy Bears and Pepsi (or Coca Cola)!

Almost at the end here but first I have the recently mentioned Manuel Olvera new remix to get your cumbia fix.

It is about that time now. That time that I publish this post. That’s right, I’m in the past while you are in the future. These very words are born from my mixed up mind. And now I share these words with you. Thanks for reading.


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