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Who’s BubbleHeads?

BubbleHeads are a Tropical Music DJ/ Production duo by two unique individuals from Montreal (Youri Pete) and Singapore (Perk).They are the smart combination of tropical elements and unique drops that have set forth this duo with amazing results, the results of tropical experiments and overnight freshness!

Youri Pete (formerly known as fantohm) is a 32 year old DJ/ Producer. He started off in the canadian rap and pop scene before moving on to the dance music circuit as a dj and producer in 2006. By 2009, he have already toured US (fantohm) and ghost produced for several well known names & labels in the scene. 2012 then saw him changed his musical direction into a more tropical background.
On the other hand, Perk better known for his turntablism antics & dj battle disses is a 18 year old Scratch DJ/ Producer. Crowned as a 6 times DJ battle champ & Singapore vice DMC champion (2010), he is recognized as being one of the fresher upcoming dj.

By 2011, he moved on production and live dj shows which saw him play at various clubs and festivals. Laying down jumpy mixtures of rhythms and sounds while setting up simple yet effective recipes, this duo will give you the true meaning of TROPICAL BASS music goodness.

What’s this EP ?

By BubblesHeads themselves

Over the span of 2 to 3 months, we’ve been working on this Cocktails EP, sending stems online, getting feedback from one another, and basically messing around in order to get the best recipe of cocktails sounding vibes.

Initially our idea was jumping about an Antilles island and then sipping on some sweet concoction through a straw. Obviously things were not going to be so simple as the project moved on. We got crazier and crazier to the point that we started going towards this cocktail that we imagined; full of lazers & smoke machines. Probably not a tasty drink in the end, but we know that this cocktail is full of real BUSINESS.

Our first track done was Konjak. This is probably one of our biggest tracks and theres even a story to it’s name. The track’s name came off the word cognac, and it’s supposed to be called Konjac. But after we sent it to Rob Murray for mastering, he named the master as Konjak and it’s only until like recently then we realized that our track name has changed by a letter. Well anyway, we like Konjak more.

So, about Konjak. This track is like what jumpy tropical club should sound like, if that genre even exist. Tropical sounding drum sounds, but not too extreme. Some really fun sounding vocals, a crazy pitch bending synth going on and during the break down it’s becomes pretty uplifting like we just found a treasure chest (turns out to be full of maps to other treasure chests) in a tropical island. Oh, and also some really groovy claps going on, something that really brings out the vibes of this track.

Our second track was Mojito (if you realized). This one was simple, like seriously simple. Just try sipping on some Mojito and close your eyes, this track’s melody should come into your head. If it doesn’t, then we highly suggest drinking more. The main highlight is probably the melody, since it sinks in that really chill out feeling, plus we have tambourines and guiros accompanying that peaceful tune. Go get your Mojitos now.

Now, our 3rd and final track. So we wanted something bang on to close up this concept, because after all the cocktails I’m pretty sure everyone is drunk, high and messed up already aint it? This track is actually Youri Pete’s old tech house anthem, but we revamped, remixed and restyle it into cocktails style, or should we say BUBBLEHEADS style. Singapore, lets get drunk and crank it up! Rumors have it that PERK holds the one and only real Singapore Sling recipe in Singapore, probably not true though.

This is something we are really proud of, because we found a top of the line brochette of producers to remix our tracks.

Who does what ?

By BubblesHeads themselves

We started off first with Adam Bozetto (konjak), and he delivered a remix full of analog flavor and digital clarity. He came up with a typical house pluck that keeps your fist pumping in the air and that seriously made our jaws dropped (while sipping on cocktails, remember that).

Then we approached Zee Reach (mojito), since this is a tropical EP so we needed some tropical flavors in the remix column too. Initially we were expecting a full fledge moombahton flavor, then we were surprised again. We received a club banger, and this one is seriously banging.

We also contacted two kuduro producers (singapore sling), Voodoo Rebel and Andy Jam. One thing about these 2 kuduro producers is that if you give them something to work on, not only they will flip it, they will flip it extremely well. The two remixes really popped up fresh to us. Finally Ahllex (mojito) on the line. He came out with this “Back to Chicago” feel on and we were more than welcome to have this vibes to end of this whole package.

So there you have their first EP titled “Cocktails”. We spent like almost a year to get this up and finally its going to be released by Sleep Disorders Records. You’ll be amazed by the amount of things we can write about this next EP, thats all we can say.


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