There’s an underground TV site in Mexico that has been making quite a bit of noise lately. The name is PuraCrema.TV, a part of the NWLA (New Weird Latin American) Network. You might remember a couple of other posts here on Generation Bass that featured their videos. First was Indian Jones with his Biutiful Miusic #2 : the sound and the fury arcticle. The second time we featured one of their videos was on my post with Denima’s new track on Dénima – Psicalipsis PURACREMA.TV.

Well we’re catching up to PuraCrema.TV because they just started their third season. And what a good time to catch up (is there ever a bad time). PuraCrema uploaded their own mix from last season’s music which you can download for free here.

One of the guys behind the wheel at PuraCrema.TV is artist and videographer Adrian Mendez. Here is a special demo reel if you want to see some of his other work.

And now for the PuraCrema.TV Season 3 Teaser.

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