With Tecnobrega threatening to make huge strides in 2013, the new labels dedicated to showcasing these revitalized sounds are emerging too.

Jambu Music is one such label and the great thing about this label is that it is Brazilian based, set up by our dude Omulu, whose Artist EP will be released later this year on Generation Bass.

This is one of their first releases and it showcases how Tecnobrega is evolving into a more kinda Brega Bass sound to give it greater prospects to cross-over to European and American audiences.

Indeed David Sampler is, according to Omulu, one of the Godfather’s of the Tecnobrega scene and so it’s just that he is also the man trying to push the sound forward!

Not only is it pushing the sound forward but it is also representing a new trend:

The track is short aka as “rapidinha”, which is a a new trend in Belem to demonstrate short but energetic music!

Anyway, check this out cause it’s a great start to a new label on the scene specializing in all things Brega Bass and Tecnobrega.

Here’s a video of this artist too:

DJ David Sample from Gustavo Godinho on Vimeo.

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