In 2013 here in the US, the three genres I am personally most interested in are Jersey Club, New Orleans Bounce and 3Ball.  Last week DJ Sliink and Nadus, collectively known as RBLS, dropped a new mix entitled Unity.  It’s a cool mix, I have seen these guys playing tracks back to back at their #THREAD party in Newark last year.  They killed it and despite being known for producing Jersey Club remixes this mix here is hardly confined to one genre.  I really enjoyed the first half of the mix with a bunch of smoother RnB, kinda future bass tracks.  Don’t get me wrong the whole mix is dope, later in the mix these guys get into some Trappy type stuff and back to that Bouncy Club sound.  It’s an exclusive mix for the website so unfortunately I think it might only be available online for streaming, no download.




Sliink and Nadus are both relatively young guys but they have been DJing for many years.  As far as I know they came up with the legendary Brick Bandits crew, based out of Newark aka ‘Brick City’.   Another upcoming guy from the Brick Bandits crew who recently hit me with a mix is DJ Papi.  This mix is a nice representation of whats happening at a pretty average party in NJ.  At the beginning is a dope set of Jersey Club stuff and then some forays into Pop (Gangham Style, lol), Clubstep, HipHop and Trap.  My only knock on this mix is, in my  opinion the overuse of drops, after the first two or three times we get it, Brick Bandits is the crew and DJ Razor cosigns this mix!!!  Lol, good stuff anyway Papi, I look forward to hearing more stuff in the future!

SO I did a little digging for this post and I came across this gem from the Frenchman, Sam Tiba.  I had know Tiba’s name from the Club Cheval crew out of Lille.  Apparently Tiba has made this whole series of Jersey Club mixes, his mix VOL 3 here is really dope and it’s interesting to hear a European take on Jersey.  The fact that DJs in France or Lithuania or Chile are checking for Jersey attests to the rising popularity of this genre.  Get familiar…

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