I found myself recently reminiscing about old technology. Not very old technology but more specifically the outdated and far surpassed technology of the mid 1990’s. By chain of thought originating from watching Patrick Stewart perform in ‘Macbeth,’ which of course he dominates all current Shakespearean actors. My thoughts traveled back to his role in ‘Star Trek’ and even a bit further still with ‘Dune,’ but I also remembered his single best appearance of all time, ‘Windows 95.’ I decided to look around online for this information, testing my memory to see if I was correct. Much to my joy I found this video of him guiding the user through an encyclopedia that I also had completely forgot about, ‘Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia’ (it’s what we used before Wikipedia kids, and before that we used the book form of encyclopedias. I know wtf!).

When this came out I couldn’t believe the high quality of a video and voice recorded tour by Patrick Stewart. In my mind at that moment in time I thought that was it for us. Thinking things like ‘What on Earth can we do next? This is it we’ve managed to do everything with technology.’ I of course had the help of the coming Y2K apocalypse to confirm my belief.

Now I’m watching the same heavily pixelated Patrick Stewart video on YouTube. And it’s even more remarkable to know that not only did we all survive Y2K, we also survived the Mayan apocalypse prophecy, and we’ve come this far technologically., to a point where we can communicate internationally so easily. Where we can share ideas, work and experiences with one another within short moments. I’m eager to see how well we will get on in the near future when even governments can’t control us anymore.

This technology brings me to this week’s amazing cumbia. A lot of great releases came online and thus by help of modern technology I can easily share them with all of you.

El Timbe makes another appearance here on SSC with his wild cumbia edits mixtape.

Cumbias Editadas by Eltimbe on Mixcloud

I am always excited when Rafael Aragon uploads something new. He continues to grow in popularity with his production style. Many are taking a serious liking to his work. This makes me happy because I want more music out there that I can get into. With popularity comes more opportunity to spread good music.

This week he is releasing his latest EP Cumbia Piu-Più. Mix mashing genres this showcases his newest interests.

Even Pa Kongal makes an appearance here with a new massive mixtape featuring lots of the greats.

From the west coast resides a unique hip hop cumbiero going by the name Philthy Dronez. Mashing up popular cumbia tunes with hip hop, Philthy Dronez produces some exemplary nu cumbia tracks.

I’m not what one would consider an Adam Levine fan (actually he annoys me considerably for reasons I’m not certain of). Fans of ‘American Horror Story’ and non-fans of Adam Levine all enjoyed his character getting it bad during season 2. My preferences aside Maroon 5 serves their purpose well I guess. And he’s not really a bad vocalist for the band. In cumbia form it makes it all better. Here is Los Mas Chingones cumbia edit.

I’m bringing some new talent here to SSC, which is always exciting for me. Here is another new cumbiero on the block El Chunche Atomico from Honduras with his psychedelic nu cumbia.

Captain Cumbia spends a little time with us out of his busy schedule with a whole new mashup, which is what we love him so much for.

I was Bulletproofed out there for a while, but I believe enough time has passed for me to get into this new cumbia edit of it by Markuz R. from Bolivia. By the way I am into it. I think it’s pretty dope actually.

Panikoo returns with a remix of Serpiente Negra! I love this song a lot. I love Los Chinches. I love to love Los Chinches. I wrote about this release last year for a SSC post. It’s cool to hear a remix.

Pedrolito doesn’t allow much time to pass between his mixes. And that is a good thing. He shares his love for cumbia with us and we love him for it. This is his latest mixtape.

Dale amor a la cumbia que la cumbia te lo devuelve #40 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

Dialect Trio, Dialect Trio, Dialect Trio, what can I say about these guys that I haven’t said already? Well they’re back (wait I’ve said that already before). They’re brilliant musicians (damn I said that before too). They dedicated an EP to one of their great new percussionists Yaya Brown (that’s it!). And here it is.

Le Revancha’s Julio Inti uploaded this wonderful eclectic mix of Afro-Colombiano roots and nu cumbia.


It looks like 4:20 Music Flavor met El Chunche Atomico this past week due to this very recently released mashup.

3ball house is definitely possible to have sound dope. Mr. Kanti W. is one producer we can count on making it work. Here he has a Martin Solveig edit.

Ending this post this week with very good vibes we have a new cumbiahton edit by my good friend Don Juan Pachanga. This ends this SSC on a good note with good feelings for all.


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