You know by know my luv for all things Arabic, it’s one of my main loves and I was lucky to find out about this Parisian crew, on a thread about Electro Chaabi on Joost’s page.

They’re doing some good stuff which is Middle Eastern inflected.  I haven’t heard a lot of these tracks on their mixes, I know some of the originals but intrigued to find out more about the remixes etc.

Although there have been Arabic dance tracks with a hint of Acid in the past, I don’t think there’s ever been a whole thing dedicated to it and so this might be something new.

I haven’t heard the mixes in full and so maybe I’m missing something, need to check them in full.

I fully support it and encourage it anyway!

Check it out, it is interesting for sure:

Cheb Zombie ‘Arabic robot’
Nese Karaböcek ‘Yali yali’
Danny Mahboune ‘Ouzou Mneha (live at Belleville)’
Sheik Nobi ‘Mysteries of the east dancetaria (ACID ARAB ㋡ mix)’
Radio Slave ‘Bell clap dance (Hippie Torrales edit)’
Wink ‘Acid tonic’
Pete Namlook & Burhan Öçal ‘Bir çalgiyim gögsüne yaslanmis (Guido.reedit)’
Daphni ‘Jiao’
Rebolledo feat. Matias Aguayo ‘Pitaya frenesi’
Sygaire & Defcon ‘Yigitler’
Da Noyz Boyz ‘Tuch me (Junesex re-edit)’
Sweet Exorcist ‘Testone’
DimmitT ft. Chbat ‘Walo’

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