Sorry, a bit late on this one but that’s what happens when your inbox is flooded with shit and you miss certain e-mails.

I can understand why our dude Bassnectar was so desperate to remix this track by Dance Legends Underworld, cause it is a perfect marriage between his more atmospheric downtempo material and his harder hitting Dubstep bangers and he recreates that marriage here on this awesome remix.

It also provides yet another reference point to Underground Dance music that existed in Europe and the UK years before its current commercial bastardization into “EDM” in America. It is hopeful that the American “EDM’ers will take stock of that history and actually look into it. So Bassnectar is providing not just a great remix and update to a seminal track but also giving you a history lesson at the same time!

It must also be remembered that Bassnectar did not jump on this EDM bandwagon, he’s been playing stadium sized gigs for a few years now, all developed in a honest, hard-working fashion and built up from a sincere grass roots following, so he ain’t no pretender!

It comes out on Feb 12th and so pre-order it now:

For those of us lucky enough to be on his promo list, here’s what he says:

Here is an advanced copy of my remix of Underworld’s “REZ”. After eons of begging for stems and parts they finally pulled out their analog gear and exported me a bunch of bits to hack up into a new version 🙂

It’s at 140 bpm and perfect for that moment in your set when you want to induce mass euphoria (with a dash of heavy & a sprinkling of bonkers).

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