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The decision I made to prepare this post a day before I usually write it up I thought was a great decision to make. I told myself ‘Good job, now you’ll have all day tomorrow to write the intro and not have to write the bulk of it. I thought I would manage to write something profound, or something funny, whatever it turned out to be would be of the highest quality. I gave myself enough rope to get it all together. With so many good ideas and anecdotes written down in my notes how could I possibly fail to pull off a grand intro. Well I’m here to tell you I did, fail that is. Here I am at the last minute (well actually five minutes after my deadline) writing this piece of crap. All I can possibly hope to write that could earn me your forgiveness for this horrid intro, is a promise that next week I will write an eloquent, interesting, worthy intro, which will hopefully not only earn your forgiveness but will also earn me, I don’t know… an award?

Starting off we have a long awaited return from my friend o Pedrinho with his dope cumbia concoction ‘Cumbia Del Cesar’. I must say it is good to have him back working on new stuff again.

Here is something nice and quite different. It’s an acoustic driven beautiful cumbiaton by Dudley.

I brought back Panikoo again this week because this new track was to good to pass by.

I openly admit to copying and pasting this next text, €@[email protected]€HO 11≜11, a storm brewing in Toronto getting ready to hit the nu cumbia scene hard. Here is a taste of one of his new tracks.

My friend Orihuela MSS hit me up earlier this past week with an introduction to his new project partnered up with Merry Punkore called ‘Neros.’ They put together this explanatory video to explain it further (in Spanish). I must admit due to my poor yet improving Spanish I had to watch this a few times to understand it better.

I bring back Albert DJ Style once again for his edit of the very famous La Sonora Dinamita song ‘Cucu’. Abert DJ Style once again keeps us revisiting hits of the past with his new touches.

Taking SSC to a classic sonidero vibe is La Changa Dice with a touched up classic.

A massive mix comes this week from El Timbe in Barcelona. His mix is called ‘Timberism – Ismo nº 10 (Loromanía).’ It is filled with moombahton, nu cumbia and other tropical bass goodness the way El Timbe does it.

Also a massive EP was released by Caballito this past week of the always deep and powerful Rafael Aragon, with a sound always all his own. ‘Cumbia Piu Piu’ is the EP. Along with the original track there are a few awesome remixes by El Barba, el Mayonesa, Pa Kongal, Café de Calaveras, Bigote among more. This EP is going down in the archives of nu cumbia history as a testament for the Rafael Aragon sound, and what he did to cumbia. Don’t forget, it’s also a free download!

My always supportive boss man Dee Jay Umb already posted the Frikstailers new mixtape from ZZK earlier this week, but I would do it a great injustice if I didn’t repost it here on SSC. This mixtape is intense, which makes for a great teaser for their upcoming album this February.

I’m going to wrap up this SSC with a very special find. Thanks to my good brother KayGee hiding and working out in Madrid by way of Bristol (escaping the rain).

Astros Mendoza blow me away with their cumbia covers and edits. This first one is by far my favorite, The Cure’s ‘Close To Me’ in an awesome cumbia style. This might actually be my favorite cumbia released so far this year.

The goodies don’t stop with ‘Close To Me.’ They continue with the far overplayed by the radio ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go,’ by The Clash.

One more before I let you go, ‘Unbelievable!’

So take that my beloved cumbieros!


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