Great new experimental track by DJ BrokenRecord under his alias Brokenface inspired by Brujaton!!!

Interesting shit for sure!

Here’s what he says:

Some of you might know about my side project, called brokenface. Over the weekend I did a show and I debuted this track.

The Fugees’ legendary album The Score, which Lauryn Hill describes as an “Audio Film,” is one of my favorite and most influential pieces of art of all time. I’ve had this album on CD, MiniDisc, cassette, and MP3. Everyone has those albums that they listen to while sitting in their room alone in the dark. This is that album for me. While there have been many attempts to dispel the macho, misogynist thug mythology of rap music, most of these attempts are made from people outside the culture, and just kind of end up being self-indulgent, condescending and racist. The Score presents to us an analysis from within the culture, via the Cowboy persona, always looking for the next Score. If you want to understand how the macho thug mythology works, listen to this album all the way through (and make sure it’s the special edition with the 4 bonus tracks. Kind of pisses me off that they made it that way to be honest).

So anyway, Lauryn Hill had some of my favorite rap verses ever on this album, and I’ve always wanted to do something with them. This track isn’t necessarily my tribute to The Score, because that would have to be something epic. I just wanted an excuse to talk about The Fugees, and since I sampled them for this track for my side project, and I don’t have a blog for that project, I did it here. ha.

ps. But here’s something on topic: if I had to choose a genre for this track I would say it was inspired by David Beltran’s “Brujaton.” If you don’t know who David Beltran is, it’s probably because he’s all over the place and is just constantly doing crazy new experiments and changing his name by adding X’s, or adding numbers to it. Look up Starfoxxx, and good luck.

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