Well what can you say about this!!!

2 Dutch dudes from Tilburg who go under the name of  “The Cairo Liberation Front” (CLF) putting out “possibly” the FIRST ever Electro Cha3bi Mixtape outside of Egypt.

We did a few features on Electro Chaabi late last year and yet again we brought something new to worldwide attention for the first time all over the blogosphere.

Since then I’ve tried hard to find out more about it and get some more material but man it hasn’t been easy at all to get this stuff unless it’s soundcloud rips.

I even enlisted my Legendary Egyptian brother Hossam Ramzy to do some digging and also a BBC Music correspondent who I know to be living in Egypt but both have not yet come back with anything.  Neither has Asmund from Copia Doble Systema who said he witnessed the Electro Cha3bi frenzy in person last year and he also knows some of the artists involevd in this exciting new musical movement.

So it’s all quiet on the Egyptian Front about Electro Cha3bi!

Perhaps they don’t want their huge party music to be colonized, who could blame them!!

But for now it is has been colonized in a friendly and introductory manner in this mixtape by 2 Dutch guys, the CLF!

It’s a great, authentic and killa mixtape that you can be rest assured would cause absolute mayhem both in a traditional Egyptian Electro Cha3bi context and also on western dancefloors for those who appreciate Middle Eastern vybz.

So here it is, share it far & wide:

The sound of the sonic Arabic revolution. In the first Electro Cha3bi mixtape ever. By your friends of Cairo Liberation Front.

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contact: [email protected]

The CLF are signed to the Rapidshare label and so expect some more free goodies soon.


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