Former member of Blanka Krew, Sants has just released his debut solo EP, this week and it got me surprisely well.

As i can imagine, we both share the same creation along with all the middle-class 90s brazilian (and maybe all around idk) kidz with who are about 20yo today.

If you don’t know what i’m talking about, i can give you the scenery ambiance to orientate you: Watching Cartoons, Playin’ vydias and having no worries and new elements kinda Frank Ocean’s  Nostalgia Feels going-hard-instead-of-soft way.

But all of it came with a good demonstration of some well produced sick-dope-and-catchy trap beats and bass messing around with some noisey experiments here and there.

The sampled stuff plays one special role to the EP on tracks like Acme Batman Outfits (seriously, listen to it and try to find out that BEEP BEEP!) and the remake of the classic Space Jam theme TRVPped out loud on subs and could totally be the 2010s update for the track.


Oh, and its also a free download.

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