I rarely listen to the radio much nowadays but I heard this the other day and I just fell in love with it and that’s always been the best thing about radio, stumbling across the unexpected.

Kinda reminds me of very early Depeche Mode!

It’s free too!!

The first single of Coma’s much-anticipated album debut pictures Cologne’s new school revamping the city’s sonic skyline.

After a couple of extremely popular 12-inches and more than a year of meticulous preparation, the stakes are high for Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad aka COMA whose much-anticipated album debut IN TECHNICOLOR will soon see the light of day via KOMPAKT. You’ll hear them answer all expectations with an ingeniously composed collection of AAA tracks constantly shifting from club to pop culture and back. Spiked with brilliant guest performances from the likes of VIMES or MIT’s frontman Edi Winarni, Coma’s first full-length gives you an elaborate panorama view over Cologne’ new school revamping the city’s sonic skyline.

The single HOOOOORAY features glowing cameos from acclaimed artists ADA and ROOSEVELT, perfectly showcasing the newly found playfulness with a ridiculously catchy synth riff.

The album will be released in April 2013!

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Grab another free track from them too, a cover of the infamous Bette Davis’Eyes:

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