I have finally come to terms with a fact about myself. All of my life my perception has been more than off compared to most people (at least I think). I am a deep thinker, who suffers from insomnia, and since I am a betting man I would easily make the bet that I will never be cured from it. But I am also a very simple thinker. It is a perception paradox if you will (please will, thanks).

For example I saw ‘The Life of Pi’ and I thought it looked good and was a good story. I didn’t think it was amazing or deep. I eventually found that I belonged to the group of people who didn’t get it. I looked at it in the most basic way. I tend to lean towards a materialistic thought process. If someone sees something as a miracle, I see it as either a coincidence or an act of the natural world; of which I might not understand at the moment but believe if I look into it more I will find a natural answer. Keeping that in mind, when I saw ‘The Life of Pi,’ I saw the story as a coping mechanism to explain what truly happened. A month after watching it I was invited to a discussion about the film. Intrigued, I went to the discussion. There at the discussion I was surrounded by people who completely picked apart all the deep symbolism in the film that I completely overlooked (or simply didn’t see because it wasn’t there for me). The discussion unlocked a deep spiritual story and introspective lessons, which in turn made me like the movie more. But if I hadn’t gone to the discussion I would have kept my original opinion about the film.

This happens to meet a lot. I understand subtext, and enjoy it a lot, in Shakespeare and even in David Lynch’s films. But most of the time I’m way off, far away from what others see. For the longest time this discouraged me. It even made me feel like perhaps I was a simpleton. The question of ‘how come I can’t see things’ really bothered me. Even last night at an art exhibit I was asked which painting in the gallery was my favorite. I pointed out one painting. Then I was asked why, and what does it say to me. My answer was, ‘I like the dove flying and landing on the heart.’ That’s it. Nothing more. The two people who asked me then went into deep detail of what they saw. Their perceptions were deep and powerful or perhaps silly. I just liked the fucking bird. I thought it looked cool. There, that bird looks cool. Good painting. Done.

So I go to a lot of discussion groups, because I’m invited and I am interested in the enigma of perception. I attend a lot of them, pretty much weekly. At every one of them these deep, perhaps too deep thinkers surround me, but I prefer to call them deep talkers. At these various discussions I tend to tell jokes. Perhaps to mask my lack of knowledge, but I prefer to see it as me sharing my understanding. For the longest time as I’ve mentioned, I thought I was simple and not deep (I believe I overused that word in this post (deep) but I’m not busting out a thesaurus at this point) but I’ve come to realize that maybe I’m incredibly deep, perhaps the deepest of the deep in the deep end. I tend to see things as exactly as they are. People discussing definitions too much to the point of insanity, people talking more than listening, over-thinking the natural occurrences of nature, debating for the sake of ego and making assumptions to mask their fear of their mortality and their fear of actually no knowing. Maybe I’m wrong. (I’m wrong a lot). For me I just make fun of the discussion because it deserves to be made fun of. Humor wakes up the senses and allows us to see that we’re complicating the truth.

I love Chuang Tse. He is one of my favorite humans. For those who do not know of him, he is basically the Apostle Paul to Lao Tse (the guy that may or may not have existed but either way wrote the Tao Te Ching). I always delight in my memory of something he wrote. I can’t quote him perfectly because I don’t know how to write in Chinese and I doubt even if I did, it wouldn’t serve me well here. He said that whenever the masters were together, there was no need to talk. They were silent and would just smile at each other, because they understood.. They didn’t need to use words as tools to communicate. I see what he meant because too many words just confuse things. People who use too many words miss out on meaning and bother themselves with nonsense, which only confuses matters more. (There are a lot of words in my post here for example).

I have become obsessed with perception. I am going to discover it further. I want to find the root of it, and then maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep.

I warn you now; this is going to be a massive Sexxy Saturday Cumbia!

For those of us who haven’t had the fortunate opportunity to witness El Barba Dub perform his cumbia dub style live, this is a special treat. With his nice little setup, El Barba shows us his way of working.

This weekend we are going to get into more of the experimental side of nu cumbia. I have some excellent new innovative tracks to showcase the proof that we cumbieros are not only here to stay but are growing in creativity with our presence,

Arun y la Cumbia returns with a deep cumbia edit of Systema Solar’s ‘El Majagual.’

Damo Naimad delivers a nice little Laurie Anderson remix. Damo is one of the many cumbieros I always look forward to hearing work from.

I had to allow my head to wrap around this next one. It is a very experimental nu cumbia track produced by FeroZMonas. I suggest checking out more of FeroZMonas’ unique productions.

Mr. Jags calls this style ‘kitsch cumbia.’ Whatever you choose to call it, it is a dope original cumbia track heavy on the digital side of things. It would have been perfect on one of the past Halloween editions. I’ll have to remember to hit him up this year.

Qechuaboi again graces us with his digital presence with another digital cumbia added to his arsenal.

What an awesome trip this next track is! It’s an ill as all hell progressive cumbia gaita by Construsonica.

I told you this week was going to be massive and heavy on the experimental.

Los Malefics along with La MiniTK answered my prayer to the synth gods for more dark nu cumbia tracks that are of course heavy on synths. Los Malefics tracks are incredible!

God damn those last two tracks were so sick!

Speaking of La MiniTK here is another one of their recently released tracks. They are slowly releasing their debut album for free, track by track, so I strongly suggest that every single one of you go over to their Soundcloud or Bandcamp and download them all. This band is going places!

The fire has not gone out yet for this post. Trankimix hits the nail hard on the head with this flippin gorgeous track!

Petardo Peru is a strong figure in the cumbia and dub community. His efforts help the movement grow positively, which helps us have a strong platform for the future. But when he’s not on the radio sharing his musical findings, he too produces. And this is his latest.

El Mulato (Tropical Bass) slows it all down and spaces it out with his rebejada or ‘cumbia de terraza’ masterful remix, ‘Si Tu No Estas.’

El Chunche Atomico is becoming one of my favorite producers to listen to. His psychedelic cumbia approach is wonderful. I really love his work including this new one.

Onto the mixes now, and after a few new album releases, but first, the mixtapes. Turbo Sonidero Futuristico is a busy DJ. He’s also a great supporter of nu cumbia artists. His knowledge of music competes with the best of them. It’s only fitting that a mixtape by him would be dope. And this one is certainly, as I speculated, dope.

During his trip in 2011 to San Luis Potosi, well, I’ll let him explain… ‘In 2011, I travelled to San Luis Potosi and bought a bunch of CD’s from Sonido Royal, one of the most innovative sound systems in Mexico. This is a mix of live performances I mixed together. Enjoy!.’

A massive cumbia mixtape showcasing nu cumbia of 2012 was mixed together by 50003zgz (I still have trouble fighting off my inclination to put a comma after 50). For anyone who encounters an inquiry about what nu cumbia sounds like, this is a very good source.

A new release to look out for, and one I will cover more in the coming weeks, is from Aillacara 2743. The title is ‘Cumbia Yerba Buena’ and it will be available both digitally and on 7” vinyl.

KONN Recordings represents some of the big names in the tropical bass and nu cumbia scene. La Gallera Social Club is one of the signed artists. These guys are cool, not only to talk with but also to listen to. They have a fresh sound that carries their signature style well. They released a new album that they have been working on for quite some time. The title ‘Ecos Del Tercer Mundo Vol. 2 (Echoes Of The Third World Vol. 2)’ represents the original music to be found on the album. Mixing folklore and new sounds with a lot of emphasis percussively, this album is one to definitely possess.

Another album to check out is by our good friend Kuto Selektah Quilla. This dude never rests. His new album released through my friends at Folcore, is a free download of really dope Kuto goodness.

Free download HERE!

Dos Mundos Radio has been one of my favorite and strongest sources for discovering a lot of new tropical bass and nu cumbia music since I first started getting into these sounds. Sergio Elmir and DJ Linterna have been more than helpful and supportive of great artists as well as my efforts to share and discover great music. I am grateful for their work and their strong presence.

DJ Linterna shed some light on the artist a lot of us enjoy ‘Cadereira’ recently. I strongly suggest heading over to his post to check it out. This is the song he covered.

Check out the original post by DJ Linterna here.

Earlier this week both Dee Jay Umb and I have shared our thoughts on Oi Mas Bass and their new compilation album ‘Travesia Tropical Vol. 1.’ The album is strictly all-Bolivian. It shows that a scene is growing down there and you will be wise to be sure to assume more Bolivian nu cumbia and tropical bass will be coming soon.

Go to their page here to download this compilation album.

Generation Bass’s good friend Hector Heathcote returns after his YouTube debacle to bring us all new video mashups of some of our favorite artists. Happily I will share a few of them here, under his new moniker ‘soulanddance.’

omara portuondo – donde estebas tu (abtomic… by soulanddance

dj neber – matilda la gondola vs a normal day by soulanddance

augustin sound system – gorila apretadita vs… by soulanddance

chico mann – i feel it (captain planet remix… by soulanddance

dj subversivo – igualito al canto vs pokkiri by soulanddance

I leave you now my dear friends. I hope this massive post was massive for you and a good help.

On another note the new Soundcloud is incredibly annoying. I can’t comment on anything for another eleven days. Even after contacting them to explain I’m a blogger, I was punished. So it makes it hard for me to comment, well actually impossible.


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