Spectateur aka Pierre Morel is one of these artists you have to look for quite hard if you wanna find’em. Being quite discreet and very humble about his music. He’s been faithful to his contemplative electronica style and never went for the club banger style. His music is something else. A trip inside your mind, a journey travelling among your strongest memories, filling them up with music, silver melodies, emerald colours, swift golden vocal stabs. It’s nostalgic, taking us back to our young age when light was brighter and sound more intense.

But now it’s time to share. Pierre has always been a supporter of free licenced music, especially the Creative Commons model. So it’s a pay as you want. You get access to his two EPs on his bandcamp page.

Souvenir originally released on the netlabel Musica Vermella and Amensalisme released on Fresh Poulp Records. A label that still shelters some of the good prods of Rafael Aragon who was already blogged on Generation Bass a few times (check El Guero Unico‘s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia posts).

Amensalisme is a remix EP of tracks of other musicians friends of Spectateur.
You’ll find the remix of Istanbul Engloutie (original by Rafael Aragon under the nick of Rafiralfiro) but also a remix of one song of Tramb, a French producer performer. One of Pix’s To begin again, the last one being a rework of the beautiful track of D-Drone.


Spectateur is also a live performer, he’s not just geeking in his bedroom !

Spectateur – freestyle on MPD24


Spectateur is only a facet of the character. Pierre has another project Hugo&PieR, lyrical rap over abstract beats with his mate Hugo Stark.


If you want more sweet CC music i suggest you drop an ear onto one of my old mixtapes (not to promote myself, but that project of mixing CC and other free licenced music got me to discover some really good tracks at that time). Souvenir before getting its final name was Horses.

The Aeronauts – A Freefight CC mixtape by Indian Jones


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