spoke in words


I’ve been waiting for it for ages !!!

Litteraly harassing Khevin to make a full release of that super compilation dedicated to Slam Poetry over vibes (all melodies composed by Khev de Leon aka The 13th Tribe) i didn’t expect something that good !
Using already existing recordings of slam or some especially made on purpose, the tracks manage to preserve the pristine beauty of the vocals giving the just needed bounce feeling to them.

Poetry music for musical verbalism, your spirit will colide and drow into the melting melodies. Each track has its own thing, elaborated rap instrumental that reminds me of an inspired Pete Rock, orientalism, tropicalism… the list is long. Enjoy again and again… and again !

Spoke in Words by The 13th Tribe

Among the 14 tracks had my special attention :

Oxytoxin-Temper-Mental MissElayneous+Paul Harrison by The 13th Tribe

The style of Miss Elayneous subtle, using clever silent moments, her voice riding the mellow bass… The beautiful keyboard melody… just wow. If you wanna know more about Miss Elayneous i suggest you check that article on Generation Bass written by Khev himself last year : Paddy’s Day Special-The Gift Of The Jab


Bobby Blowcoder-Become The Sky feat Evrim *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Bobby Blowcoder is another facet of Khevin de Leon

Among the 14 tracks you’ll find some good free download, some tracks having been just made available to DL for you guys ! So don’t forget to give a holla to the man !


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