javier small moombass

[Artwork: Eduardo Caudillo – Mexico DF]

We’ve never consecutively released 2 EP’s one after the other by the same Artist on Generation Bass Digital until now!

This guy is very special and this EP is very special too, the energy is incredible and it is one of the best Moombahton EP’s I’ve heard.   Also, the sound on this EP is not something you would ordinarily expect to hear from Javier but we’re not surprised because he has been promising to go next level for some time.

This EP sounds like Daft Punk trying to create the hottest Moombahton for the Dancefloor and they succeed!

It is mega!

Due for official release soon but for now you can hear the excellent Promo Mix lovingly put together by the coolest 2 dudes in New Zealand, Hannah & Hayden Jensen aka The Ghetto Electric Sessions, which is the name of their Radio Show.

John just did a massive feature on them in the previous post today HERE and so make sure to check that out and send them some love!

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