Another western imitation of Kuduro, from the the group’s label that helped to make it popular in the West.

Not bad, but sounds a little synthetic, and lacks the raw and explosive authenticity of the real stuff but it’ll do for your sets or mixtapes.

Enchufada goes back to its kuduro roots via an ecstatic original track by the rising Belgian producer Captain Steel, who delivers the percussive dancefloor smasher with the appropriately misleading title Power Failure.

Despite its name, once you press that play button you will definitely feel a rush of energy coursing through your body, as the percussive blast of Angolan kuduro and the roaring dutch house synths fuse together to form an impressively contagious and straightforward dance track. As Captain Steel picks up Buraka’s musical cues and runs with it, never has a power failure felt so energizing!

After playing on festival stages all over Europe with his balkan music soundsystem, Sander aka Captain Steel decided to go solo and explore the sounds of a sunnier musical climate. The belgian producer and DJ embraced the current wave of tropical bass music, fusing wild rhythms from across the globe into a festive, booty-shaking mix of kuduro, moombahton, drum & bass and whatever is making him dance at the moment.

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