No-one touches the brilliance of Moombahsoul like this dude, he just has a natural talent for making the greatest Moombahsoul known to man(woman)kind.

This is a sensual and sublime remix of a Mya classic:

Hello all.

It’s been a while since i made something new so i thought i would leave this god for sakin’ boner of a track (for me, ofc) and let you chill wit dis !

The vocals are from the lovely Mya, one of the best Rn’B artists i had the privilege of knowing whilst i was growing up, too bad she stopped making songs .. oh well.

Hope you have fun with this, i really enjoyed a lot making this soul, sad and melodic track, i think i can show some feelings with this one in some kind of erotic and passionate way !

All of this is ”made” by my girlfriend, she gives me the inspiration to do all this shit so, all of you, thank her for the tracks i make !

Cheers !

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