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Wherever you are in the world this ought to have you dancing around your office or home or wherever, it’s some brilliant Transnational Roots.

That’s right, not “World Music” but Transnational Roots and that’s what you’re all gonna call it from now on cause I said so, capitche! 馃檪

Plus it’s a LIVE recording and we don’t post many live band recordings and so think yourself lucky and the guitar playing OMFG!!!

I’m too lazy and do not have the time to do research and also I am not a music journalist, an ethnomusicologist or even a blogger, I’m in the Ego Boosting Business! 聽So聽here’s more info about “Master Vieira” andthe genre known simply as聽“Guitarrada” that I liberated from Wiki. 聽At the end of the day, you just need to like how it sounds and if you do, then that is all that matters and if you’re interested enough, do your own research ahahahaa!


It’s a recording by聽Joaquim de Lima Vieira聽(聽Barcarena聽,聽October 29聽of聽1934聽),聽better known聽as聽Master Vieira,聽is a聽musicianBrazilian聽creator of the musical genre聽guitarrada聽.聽This style is marked by the disk聽of Broken Lambada聽launched in 1978 by guitarist, and was introduced in the 90s, the new generations by groups聽Carnation Carbon聽and聽Calypso聽.

Has recorded 20 solo albums.聽The song “Lambada Jamaican” (released on 82 “vinyl Mel么 Goat”) is his greatest success.聽Since 2003 the group also includes聽Masters of guitarrada聽, having released 2 CDs:聽Masters of guitarrada (2004, Seal Funtelpa)聽and聽Music Magneta (2008, Seal Lamp Records).In 2008 the Ministry of Culture received the Medal of Cultural Merit Order for his significant service to the Brazilian culture.

Guitarrada is a musical genre Para instrumental from the fusion of crying with carimb贸, cumbia and young guard, among others.

It is also called聽lambada聽instrumental.聽Its creator is the聽Master Vieira聽.聽In this style electric guitar soloist is.聽The main representatives of the groups are present:聽Masters of guitarrada聽,聽Carnation Carbon聽and聽La pupu帽a聽.

A unique musical genre in the world.聽Created by Master Vieira, Barcarena natural, the musical rhythm appeared in Bethlehem, the guitar always makes the soil rhythms like cumbia, and merengue carimb贸.聽The guitarrada is marked by the release of the album “Lambada from Broken” (1978).聽The innovation of the disc was present instrumental themes for guitar, always valuing the Amazon and Caribbean rhythms.聽Master Vieira, has his work heavily influenced by crying and proved virtuoso as a child.聽After having played mandolin, banjo, ukulele, guitar and wind instruments, he only had contact with the electric guitar in the 70s.聽Master Curica, is also linked to the musical tradition of Par谩.聽Beside Verequete Pinduca and is one of the major artists who play carimb贸.He was the leading arranger of discs Verequete and participated in the first record of carimb贸 disk, in 1971.聽Curica also manufactures its tools and is considered one of the responsible for the popular use of the banjo in carimb贸 arrangements.聽Aldo Sena, says he fell in love with guitarrada when he heard the disc “Lambada of Broken,” Master Vieira.聽In the same year, Aldo Sena was already showing the public his original work, done with the band The Popular聽Igarap茅-Miri聽.

Ensaio ao vivo no programa Radar apresentado dia 7 fev 2013, preparativo para apresenta莽茫o no festival Rec Beat em Recife, dia 9

Apresenta莽茫o: Beto Fares, produ莽茫o: Regina Silva, audio Assis Figueiredo,

Banda :
Mestre Vieira – guit solo
Ana Clara, Camila Honda e Natalia Matos – vocais
Pio Lobato – guit base
Dan Bordalo – teclado
Pr铆amo Brand茫o – baixo
Vov么 – bateria

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