New Acid Arab mix and I luv what these guys are doing cause it is very different to a lot of Arabic Fusion that I am familair with.  So it is really cool.

They laid this mix down for Trax Mag!

/ Greater Than One ‘Black magic’ // In Trance 95 ‘Presidente’ // Albinos ‘Bakatribe’ // Pulse 8 ‘Radio Morocco’ (Youth mix) // Steve Summers ‘Jack Flash’ // The Caravan ‘The world beat’ // K-Os ft Simianne ‘Definition of love’ (Groove Corp UK) // Crackboy ‘Kiddo’ // Qoso ‘Sultan’ // Gene Hunt ‘Modevation process’ // Society Of Silence ‘Baghdad SOS’ // Dynamik Bass System ‘Don’t stop compute’ // Cecil Leuter ‘Pop électronique 09’ //Aphex Twin ‘Tha’ // Omar Souleyman ‘Kaset hanzel’ //

recorded @ Phunk, thanx Fabrice Desprez & co

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