Cloud by Rebecca Johnson
Cloud by Rebecca Johnson


What are up to at this time ? You’ve had enough with the cold and wish to feel the heat of the sun ? I hope so ‘cause we’re heading to sunny shores.

Well not yet, to be true. We need to stop by the back lounge place of the club first. Someone was sending smoke signals.



Famous Dj from L.A released a few months ago this great remix !

Jitta On The Track – Smoke Signals (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)

Something in between juke and trap this remix will certainly bang your headphones. Radically modifying the original melody, we get here something mesmerizing, it reminds me of these flutes you can hear played by snake charmers, not being a fan of trap music i’m pretty much impressed by the atmosphere this genre can create however. So put me on the list !



Well-known for their prods on the Moombah scene, they also got into Trap music. And the result is quite something !
Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard (Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC! Remix)

Super hot trap remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Work Hard Play Hard. It’s loud, rich, wicked !



Not the first time we blog D-V3kz’s prods and certainly not the last one !

D-V3KZ – Lights & Flames (original mix)

I remember first D-V3KZ from his work on tropical tracks which was already excellent. But this is far better. Listen for yourself, download and share the heat !


So there’s the My cool thing that didn’t enthralled me at all. Surely because the all thing had something that reminded me of Daft Punk – and i’m really not into Daft Punk. But the more confidential releases of his other tracks on his SC page, display a strong talent, a real imagination and a great sense of composing. Daring melodies and heavy beats !
Adam Tensta w. Elliphant: Rat In The Snow


Adam Tensta – The Fog w. Chords

Adam Tensta – Young Black & Famous w. Adam Kanyama
Adam Tensta – Raindrops w. Duvchi

 Adam Tensta – Grapevine w. Jaqe

Well i could post the whole Soundcloud page as his prods are big bangers. But go and check for yourself. And guess what ? Most tracks are available for free.



Lapalux is one of the first artists i blogged when i started my work on GenBass. There’s a good reason for that, he’s certainly one of the artists that really blew my mind in terms of quality and inspiration. This new prod is no exception.
Lapalux – BETHR



Released at the beginning of the month on Sined Records, Break Bomb’s new EP Subtropical is indeed blasting. Three tracks only, but each flavoured with the sents of the sand burnt by the hot sun of a tropical island. I wished i could share more than my feelings about the music. The extracts are a bit short, but you still can get onto your favorite platform to get the full tracks.

Break Bomb – Subtropical



Every Meneo release is like a musical tsunami. If you were blown away by the merenstep remix of I love London, you’ll surely be into this one as well. Using something of brega melody you get a nice tune with a very light melody over a fat beat and sharp synth.




The man that raised the temperature of cold Russia to transform it into a tropical forest has recently released a superb bootleg. If you dudes&dudettes are enough to like it, you’ll get it for free !

Mz Bratt – Selecta (Chuck Upbeat Bootleg)

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