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Hola mundo!  Sorry for my recent absence from the blogoshpere, I been handling crazy biz in the terrosphere!!  This week I got 3 nice mixes from guys in Chile, where I am at the moment.  I’m here in South America this month DJing and recording stuff and successfully avoiding the snows of New York.  I first came into contact with the Chileno Hip Hop/Electronic music scene around 2006 when I met a dude named DJ Raff on MySpace.  Since first coming down to visit in 2009 I have come at least once a year to DJ, record and enjoy the sun.  Chile has one of the most dynamic and developed music scenes in Latin America and in the past few years the proverbial cat has been let out the bag.   In 2011 the giant ‘Norte Americano’ festival Lollapalooza chose Chile as its first destination outside of the USA to host the 2-3 day event.  Chile’s vibrant music scene can in part be attributed to its own racism and the brutal dictatorship it suffered during the seventies and eighties.   While most other countries in Latin America looked inwards for musical inspiration;  Argentina has it’s Tango, Puerto Rico it’s Salsa, Colombian Cumbia, Brazil Samba etc etc.  Chilenos did not.  During the era of Pinochet Chilenos refused to look at any native music for inspiration.  Thus it was wide open to influences from Europe and the USA.  Hip Hop (and with it DJ culture) came to Chile in the 80s and coupled with the explosive political situation of the country Hip Hop spread like wildfire.   Throughout the 90s the Hip Hop and electronic music scene continued to develop with a newly liberated generation finding its own voice.   One of the pioneers of DJ culture in Chile is Latin Bitman.  Next month he will release an amazing original project entitled RVSB with fellow Chileno pioneer DJ Raff.  I have heard previews and assure you it will be astounding.  This mix here is a live set that Bitman told me he recently recorded but never intended to release.  We’re glad he did, it’s a cool 90 minute blend of house and deep bass grooves.  SHAZAM!

The next one here is a recent compilation from mi hermano DJ Caso.  Caso is very well know within Chile as an amazing producer,  turntablist and excellent ‘party rocker’.  This mix entitled Apandaun (a linguistic play on the english “up and down”) is a cool, bassy, funky followup to his 2010 mix YMD (You Must Dance), which is also excellent and worth a listen.  Caso is that dude, def check his original tracks as well.

The last one here is from producer, DJ and labelista Daniel Klauser, who is starting to be recognized not only within Chile but also in Europe and the USA.  This is a very cool and interesting mix, a lot of the track on here I would classify as “Future Bass”.  It’s dope dope DOPE!  Just check it!

yo im back to the beach today but have a stupid crazy BACKLOG of mixes, so check for the goodz real soon…

paz y amor!

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