At Generation Bass we’re supposed to be shedding light on dope transnational music. I believe I do my part with Sexy Saturday Cumbia but I branch out to other genres too, while keeping the transnational love alive. This EP represents a side of Chile most don’t ever hear nor even might think would come from there.

Hidromental is the Chilean producer to go to for deep ambient trip hop and dub. “Vamos Flotando” is the name of the first EP by Hidromental. The vibe is deep trip hop with even deeper ambient synths. This speaks to me, as I am a huge fan of downtempo music, actually it’s my forte. Well Hidromental delivers a good fix for those who are like me and just want to kick back while letting go of silly thoughts, and avoid useless talking, to just slip into the unconscious mind and let the music be your guide.

Vamos Flotando comes with the original, a remix by Imaabs, and a lovely instrumental version. The intro “Clouds” fits perfectly to set up the vibe of the EP.

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