Wow, this mixtape is so beautifiul man and for such a great cause too.

Rupture says:

“The mix is directly inspired by transnational Mexican sonidero culture, and uses its format to air the voices and stories of a group of dedicated rent strikers out here in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Here’s a download of the mix and the story of how it came to be–”.

*Sunset Park Rent Strike*

“For years, residents of three adjacent buildings on 46th street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, have been living in nightmarish living conditions. Despite numerous complaints made to city agencies and politicians’ offices, documented housing violations include unsafe electrical wiring, a broken boiler, and disease-triggering agents that continue to threaten the lives of dozens of residents. The rent strike has inspired a movement of activists and artists to come together with the tenants in order to improve the conditions in the buildings. This musical collaboration includes the voices and stories of the rent strikers themselves sharing their courage and their struggle against injustice.”

You can find a lot more info here:

more info:

Sunset Park Rent Strike Speakout Mix

Cumbia Mix & Project Conception – DJ Rupture
Produced by Noelle Theard & Dennis Flores
Layout by Talacha



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