You Need Deep Volume 1 CD Front

Unbreakable, resilient, never outgunned Moombahton is still and definitely in the place.

Versatile, Moombahton is not just a musical genre it’s an inspiration to boundless creativity. The compilation You Need Deep reveals us of the most sensual aspects of it.

Carefully selected, the tracks – each of them -, grow a feeling of blissful freedom. Gravity lessens to the benefit of a heavenly attraction that takes you floating in a limitless sky.

Mister Luke O’Hearn – the man behind the project -, has collected 22 tracks displaying shades of house, nu-disco, old skool, folk, dub, sensual 50’s rock, seapunk and yes don’t worry the latin bounce is there !

Listening to the comp as I write this article I do support the fact that YOU NEED DEEP!

Don’t miss out the chance of getting that comp ! Cause yes !!! Guess what ? Generation Bass provides you “Exclusive” access to the full comp, which you can download for free  !

So that’s 22 beautiful tracks and a hot mixtape by Luke himself. Big up to the man and don’t forget to pay him a visit on his fan page !

Check the link HERE ! Share the heat, shake your booty like a Polaroid, sit back, close your eyes, make love, whatever you do, make sure it’s DEEP !

Artwork by Buzz a Buzz
Artwork by Buzz a Buzz

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