I admire honesty and that always gets you further with me, cause with me, what you see is what you get!  Don’t beat around the f****g bush, don’t like my FB posts to get around me.  Don’t try to friend me, cause I don’t really want to be your friend, I have enough friends already, thanks.

Just tell it to me straight like this dude did in a nice polite fashion.

“Hi there, I’m not going to lie, i’m interested to be posted on generation bass..”

Consequently I took the time to listen to his stuff and man I’m blown away by it!

This is a name for the future!!! “Daknown”.  

His tracks are amazing, full of atmosphere, great energy and beautiful melodies!  Yes, there’s some further development to be done yet but he definitely has the feel!

This is the great track that did it for me, awesome Transnational Moombahton Banger:

He does some great Moombahsoul too, this first track is so luscious:

Great Moombahton too:

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