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It took less the 24 hours, 2 hours even, before freaked out by everything because they watched too much television early in their life and hence lost any grip of reality conspiracy theorists, like –

“Nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky even claimed the event was actually “the test of a new weapon by the Americans,” adding that, “[Secretary of state John] Kerry warned [foreign minister Sergei] Lavrov on Monday … that there would be such a provocation and that it might affect Russia.” – Info Wars (another conspiracy loving organization)

So now it is conspiracy theorists versus other conspiracy theorists. This maybe what the human species is coming to. Nothing can happen naturally anymore without human hands to blame. I can only hope that this incident forced people to take time away from masturbating (sex with someone they love*) and watching the various international “ghost hunting” shows to blindly suspect and believe something new.

Oh well, really it was a meteorite and it was incredible. Even humans didn’t have a hand in this one. Unless, oh… does it have something to do with global warming (now known as climate change, which is a title that can’t be argued against because of course the climates change over time. Maybe they noticed they were freaking out too much and realized to safer place their bets they should change the name).

On a side note I can’t wait for the United States to defeat Russia in a war for… I don’t know a war over… Hot Russian women? Yeah that’s something to go to war over!

*Shamelessly borrowed and changed a little from Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.” “Hey don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.”

Now onto the sexy part of the post, the sexxy cumbia.

Albert DJ Style returns with another perfect track for live mixing cumbia. It’s his percussive edit of “Cumbia Sabanera.”

Another cumbiero returns with a chilled out and beautiful cumbia “Gravedad Cero.” The cumbiero is DJ Pase.

I think this is the third week in a row that I featured new material from FeroZMonas and I don’t apologize for doing so. He really is bringing cumbia into new places by pushing well past the limits of what one would consider to be mainstream or traditional cumbia, and I’m very happy for him doing so. It’s great to see where cumbia can go.

The live cumbia band La Rebelde Del Sur from Argentina graces us once again with their wonderful music. I would truly love to see this band live someday.

The other day I wrote a small review and promo for this Medellin based cumbia rock band. Their name is La Caimanera. Their sound is loose and fresh. And I was pleased they approved my comparison of them and cumbia to punk rock.

This is their latest album “Papayera Eléctrica,” which is also free to download. I think everyone reading this sentence will really enjoy their music.

A gorgeous original cumbia digital production comes from the duo HermanosPrimos. I’m going to keep a close eye and ear on these guys for future releases.

I’ve written about La China Sonidera, the Oaxacan based cumbia band a couple of times in the past. I promoted their first video of their single “Balbi Choncha.” Now their album has been released and is for sale and sampling here via CDBaby. To reintroduce them here is their video.

I couldn’t possibly not mention something I shared earlier this week with the cumbieros who follow my other blog Nu Cumbia Experience, a gift from Cybernetiko to me to all of you cumbia producers out there. Here is a link to a series of free downloads of fresh new samples and loops.


My Bolivian brother Ale Cassis of Oi Mas Bass dropped a new mixtape onto the clouds this past week. He covers cumbia digital, hip hop and various tropical bass with names like DJ Neber, Calle 13, Frikstailers, Villa Diamente among others including a quick little Prince drop. Check it out!

Let’s step back in time for a moment. I rarely do this, not that anyone has complained about me not doing it, but I just feel like it at the moment. Here is a lovely classic cover of Lucho Bermúdez’s song “Mi Cumbia” performed lovely by Ramón Ropaín & His Piano And Band.

And now to shout out to the classic sounds mixed with modern style Turbo Sonidero Futuristico brings his edit of El Muñecon by El Pluma Y Sus Cumbiamberos to life.

Another producer I can never seem to stop featuring here (for good reason) is El Mulato TBSS (Tropical Bass Sound System). He produces some interesting music that I find irresistible. Here is one of his latest endeavors.

To end things I have the new banger from Yelram Selectah showcasing his strong style.

Peace in Russia

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