DJ Blass is a bit of a legend in the Reggaeton scene having worked with everybody who is an anybody within that scene.

Another producer who I turned down working with after I explained to him that I’m not really into production and neither do I have the time for it but that I was very grateful for the offer and for him reaching out to me.

This is a killa mixtape showing just why he is such a highly regarded figure within the Reggaeton scene and now also within the Moombahton scene.

Here’s what he says:

You might ask why the delay? For me been learning from the moombahton enough of me not want to get rich Producing and enrich my fame I believe in a genre that requires respect and a place as any and yet participate and watch as many as I have the opportunity to out and succeed. believe in the reggaeton genre or the moombahton movement love music the moombahton.Im still here hope you enjoy my gift!

Thanks to all the Dj’s,Producers and friends that Help to make this Mixtape Tanks!


Trak List
02.Sandungueo -Munchi
03.Hoy no se duerme_(Dj Blass & Happy Colors)
04.Beneno – Sazon Booya
05.David Heart Break Sazon Booya – Romper El Suelo
06.Boom Blast (Original Mix)Team Rush Hour & Hot N Spicy
07.Hay Chuleta – Ma-Less
08.Diambula Theme Nadastrom
09.Gyal – Dooze Jackers
10.Wurb – Hot N Spicy (Moombahton original)
11.Party of 3 – the Maniax
12.Spit Fire – Young Bhear
13.Que Fue – De Oro (Original Mix)
14.Sientelo Kid Flip – Kid Cedek
16.Sumbate -Happy Colors & LNA
17.La Gota Fria (Cortez Syndicate)
18.Choli ke peeche – Khal Nayak
19.Oye Ese Pito – Cortez Syndicate
20.El Funeral – Happy Colors (Original Mix)
21.Toma Essa Porra happy colors remix – Munchi & DJ Blass
22.Rose – Modabot
23.Round Up Moombahton-Caleb
24.Sidney Samson & Martin Garrix -(Happy Colors Boricua Remix)

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