This is some real Breakcore Nutzo Madness!!!!

Got it from this French site called Seek SickSound and it is an absolutley phenomenally sick Podcast, game-changing!

Thanks to my dude El Nomada for the tip off who was equally blown away by this, it really is that amazing man.

This is the start of something pretty extraordinary, also includes some Transnational Breakcore too:

The text is in French but I tried Google Translate for what it is worth:

Peace Off, or Acroplane illphabetik. Signatures EP Julien Chastagnol alias Ruby My Dear was enough to prove his quality concrete producer. But it was his handshake with Ad Noiseam and the release of his excellent debut album following that has definitively proven that man is an ace breakcore. A twisted breakcore influences and performs from all walks that we absolutely had to put forward until the next release.

That is now done with this 16th podcast, prepared especially for our re-opening.

Here’s the text in French too so you can follow the links:

Peace Off, Acroplane ou encore illphabetik. Les signatures EP de Julien Chastagnol alias Ruby My Dear étaient déjà assez bétons pour prouver sa qualité de producteur. Mais c’est sa poignée de main avec Ad Noiseam et la sortie de son excellent premier album en suivant qui l’a définitivement prouvé : l’homme est un as du breakcore. Un breakcore vrillé et remplit d’influences venant de tout horizon que l’on se devait absolument de remettre en avant en attendant une prochaine sortie.
Voilà qui est désormais chose faite avec ce 16ème podcast, préparé spécialement pour notre ré-ouverture.

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