Absolutely one of the best discoveries I’ve made in a while,  this is just some future shit that even the future has not caught up with yet.

Transnational Breakcore for the thinking, feeling listener!

Unbelievable stuff and a massive new inspiration for me.

This is not new, it came out about 9 months ago!

Ruby My Dear
“Remains Of Shapes To Come”
Ad Noiseam
adn157 – June 2012

1. Maiden
2. Rubber Head
3. Karoshi
4. Uken
5. Hawa
6. Syuma
7. Dinah
8. Rhythm-a-ning
9. Pannonica
10. Monk’s Dream
11. Chazz
12. Knit For Snow
13. L.O.M. (Loutre Oblique Méridionale)

Mastered by Angelos Larios at 4Be.
Artwork by Manon Bourgeade.


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