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Hola G-Bassers, this week I’m gonna hit you with 3 quick ones from yours truly, DJlokiDAtrixta, my homie Dorian Pearce and DJ YourMoms.  My mix is something I did before coming on this current South American tour, y saludos de Cartegena!!  “Vamos al Sur” is the name but it’s not really super Latin or anything like that, it’s just stuff I had been feeling over the past few months.  The beginning of the mix is pretty chill with some mellow bassy stuff and a fair amount of Moombahsoul, we work our way into some Funky House, 3Ball and a little Jersey type stuff to close it out.  It’s a nice one, vamos!

The next mix here is from a great DJ and one of my favorite people in the world.  I first met Dorian Pearce in 2008 at a crazy house party outside Graz in the Austrian mountains.  You can imagine my surprise to walk into this wild party and find a TALL Black Austrian dude playing really really dope Baltimore Club tracks all off vinyl!!  Ever since then me and Dorian have kept in touch and Graz has been a necessary stop every time I am in Europe.  This mix here is mostly current Hip-Hop, with a few dips into the world of Trap and Bass.  It’s a cool mix and when was the last time we put some Hip-Hop up in here… why not!


The last one here is from ya mama!!!  No really, DJ YourMoms is a homie from Buffalo, NY and firstly I must thank him because his hilarious name has provided the people of the Buffalo music scene with endless jokes about peoples moms rocking out at crazy parties. I hadn’t seen or heard from YourMoms in a number of years but a few months ago we ran into each other and hit it off talking about some nice Moombahton joints.  This mix here is mostly Trap and a little Bass and a little Soul, it’s fresh.  Check it!!!

The pic at the top is Dorian, me and **BONUS** if you can name which other Austrian DJ???

saludos amigos




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