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When is the next big socio-fashion-music-culture trend going to get here. Every time one comes forth I tend to hate it, except for right at the very beginning when it feels like a breath of fresh air. This hipster thing has gone too far. The silly mustaches and the acts or irony now are not so ironic. Because now the scene has been around long enough that acting ironic has lost all meaning. I’m not saying that they actually like Hall and Oates now (I really do) but the act of acting ironic has lost its ironic meaning. Maybe I’m wrong and have just grown weary of hipsters but I can’t help but to think that I haven’t lost my mind entirely yet. I was talking with a couple of them the other night. I went out with a friend to promote and get feedback for his new social networking app and one place we knew it would be beneficial to do this at was a hipster hang out. I’ve been to this same bar ten years earlier when it wasn’t hipster, when it was more punk. Now it is a hipster paradise on the east side. When speaking with two hipster girls (they proclaimed themselves to be hipsters, it wasn’t my claim), they were speaking about the app and how well it would work in New York. Now keep in mind, neither girl had ever been to New York. And here they were claiming that Manhattan (a sure sign of never being there by calling it Manhattan. If they conducted better hipster research they would have known that New Yorkers call it “The City” and if anyone calls it “Manhattan” they are immediately outted as a tourist), they showed immediately that they lack knowledge of the bar scene there. One said something like “When I’m in Manhattan I don’t like the bars there so I would prefer to use this app to find bars in Brooklyn.” Brooklyn is the key word. It’s the hipster word, it’s their mecca, so they think. I’ve spent plenty of time in Brooklyn; the hipsters have invaded but nothing south of Park Slope, with Williamsburg their main place. But anyone who knows New York knows that just because the movies show it as a jet set “Mad Men” hangout, that isn’t the entire case. What about the Lower East Side? What about Hells Kitchen? And what about Court Street in Brooklyn (right where the court is and near the oldest Macy’s), which looks more like a Spike Lee Joint than a hipster paradise. I personally am looking forward to their attempts of taking over Coney Island, I’m sure the Russian gangs will be quite welcoming.

This conversation was a perfect example of hipster naivety. They have gone so far to claim to know things that they obviously don’t know about. I’m not a New York expert by any means, nor am I claiming to be. Honestly you would have to live there for many years to know a ¼ of the scenes.

It turns out the girls were born and raised here in my city of Phoenix, actually not even Phoenix but just a suburb. I wonder what music they listened to ten years ago…

I haven’t had Steve Tellco on here for a long while now. At first I was a little put off by the familiar loops but after listening a couple of times and more closely I found a nice gem here. It’s almost a cumbia track that is an homage to the samples and loops that have filled our nu cumbia tracks and folders for the past few years.

Perro Ki dropped this little mix very recently, like one hour before I started writing this sentence. It’s another one of those mixes that I like where the selection isn’t predictable and shows a different side to the nu cumbia music movement.

At this point in our internet is everything, and knows everything existence, I’m not sure how memes continue to work. Have we completely given over to a non-autonomous thought process and coinciding process of action? A resounding “YES” is apparently the answer to that question. So you want a hit? Start a meme or viral video. There are rip-off artists even conducting expensive seminars to lazy “get rich quick” obsessed moms and dads. This is not the technology age, no, it is the meme-viral age.

So you’re a huge shameless blog and want to promote a new song. What do you do? You do something like “The Harlem Shake.” And everyone eats it up. I’m not sure if I’m proud that I didn’t join in, because to be proud of not doing something mindless seems redundant.

That being said, agree with me or not, even cumbia was hit. Leave your opinions in the comments below.

Here is a lovely digital cumbia that reminds me of some earlier tracks I was into producing. The soft synths always speak to me. This is courtesy of Camacho 11:11.

To be honest, which is what I’m doing, I don’t care much for The Clerk’s music, like at all. I know that makes me an outcast but it just sounds so formulaic, cookie cutter, something like that anyway. Though I say this there is one exception that came on the scene where I like The Clerk’s sound, and it has more to do with the remixer than the original. Marcel y Marios took The Clerk and made an excellent cumbia remix. This remix may make me look at The Clerk differently but probably not for long, just for two minutes and fifty seconds.

In my world, If I could choose a world and all that happens in it, I would give DJ Neber a residency in Las Vegas. That would make me incredibly happy. I would always be there (when not at a Blackjack table) supporting him. Every one of his edits, one after another, is incredibly dope. They are too much fun to play out.

I’m sure most of you have heard him by now, and even if that is the case I know you are itching for more. So here you go.

Palenke Soultribe is going to hit the scene super hard! Their superb Afro-Colombian electronic style provides perfect bangers for the club. Their new album “Mar” is set to be released on April 9th but their single “Move It” is out now and soon a video will come out to promote it, which if I were you I would expect to see it here.

My friend Armoniacida released his EP “Palenqueta 1” this past week. It is a schizophrenic EP hitting on different genres and mixing them all together in a sonic stew of illness. This EP is an experimental trip and I want you all to take part in it.

I haven’t heard Super Cat since I was a young one, back in the early 90’s. Kinky Electric Noise decided to bring him back into my consciousness with a KEN style cumbia edit of “Dolly My Baby,” the Bad Boy remix.

Speaking of KEN, he also turned me on to this release by Madre Monte earlier this week. Where he is featured as a remixer of their song “Subidero.” Along with other remixers, this EP is by an Australian Afro-Columbian reggae music outfit Madre Monte.

Cumbia acid rock is best to describe Panikoo’s new release. It’s an eclectic mashup-edit masterpiece, one which I plan on playing out live soon.

Captain Cumbia has been one of the cumbia mashup kings for some time now. Along with throwing huge parties in Paris, Captain Cumbia produces a radio show in support of his cumbiero efforts. It’s called “Mama Cumbia Radio Show” and I’ve finally gotten around to promoting it.

He is seven episodes in with the series, which features old classics and productions together, making a perfect show for cumbia buffs.

Mama Cumbia Radio Show #7 by Captain Cumbia [Radio & Mix] on Mixcloud

Don’t forget Captain Cumbia’s partner in crime, Pedrolito. He has been keeping busy with his cumbiero efforts as well. When not producing one show he is producing another. This is his latest “Folklore Digital” set, which has proven quite successful for him.

Folklore digital #5 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

It is always wonderful to have something new from Qechuaboi here on SSC. This is his latest track, a remix of “Paradiso.” It is heavily percussive and glitchy making it something that would sound really cool live.

Reptilian Commander is coming out with something huge very soon. In just a couple of days his new album will be released by Le Ronca Records. It will be an awesome showcase for the Commander’s talents. Heavy bass, cumbia, dub, digital dubstep tracks are to be expected.

I’m wrapping this post up with Tu Guaina’s new experiment. He enjoys taking moombahton and cumbia among other genres into new places. Sharing his experiments online for us has been quite helpful to keeping SSC a place to come to.

Here’s to objective autonomy, however impossible it may seem to be.



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