Interesting set here from this dude based in Berlin and here’s what he says:

All extracts of music, sounds, voices were taken with great care and respect from the heart and spirit. just to exalt this powerful message of love and consciousness towards our mother earth, all living things, and the great spirit.with no commercial interest.

i play this set throughout the year 2012 in a lot of festivals, concerts, open airs, street festivals, clubs, parties, bars, theater, carnivals, etc … in Germany, Spain, France, alone on stage or with other great musicians. Now the set is here after a lot of work to get a good sound on this live performance.

some instruments are missing or could not be registered as some charango, flutes, percussion elements. to all who would listen again, and for the first time, to all who have supported and helped my performances, projects and creations, my love my daughter, my partner, my family, friends, musicians, producers, artists and all the people who like this music and this movement, thanks! And enjoy!

Conscience, peace, intelligence, love


1 Intro * Kallawayas – extract film: “Sur les traces des Kallawayas” de Frederic Cordier 2 Wachi – Intiche
3 Cazadores – Intiche
4 Uelitl Yaotl – Intiche * Nahuatl Sound System Rmx
5 Huayman – Intiche
6 Daybno – Intiche * Bailanta Multitudo Rmx
7 Tigre – Intiche
8 El Extranjero – Intiche
9 Pachamama – Intiche * Chancha via Circuito Feat. Poeta Inka Rmx
10 Amazonia / Somido Amazonico – Intiche * Elias Mamallacta – Quichua Ecuador voice / Los Mirlos Rmx
11 K´usillu – Intiche & Matanza
12 Nuestra Madre Tierra – Intiche * Adela Principe – Quechua peru voice
13 Lehm – Intiche * Luzmila Carpio voice
14 Mapu – Intiche * Anonimo – Cantos tradicional Mapuches
15 Mbira – Intiche
16 Hirsch – Intiche
17 Gleichtakt – Intiche * Red crow – Dakota – Musician, activist American Indian Movement
18 Tumi – Intiche * Rose Auger – Cree Canada – Medicine Woman voice
19 Nanay – Intiche
20 Yachac – Intiche * Yachac – Ecuador – Hombre de Medicina
21 Auqui Auqui – Intiche * Ichumanta Rmx
22 Tahla – Intiche
23 Coyotzin – Llamado a los Rumbos del Cosmos * Caracoles

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