Haven’t had a chance to check this out yet but I luv the concept and idea.

I hope it’s good and can’t wait to hear it.

Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment.

Here’s what the producer says:

“AFRIKO-THEQUE: The Bootleg EP” is the first of it’s kind to infuse traditional African-culture and classic samples with that of the sound of modern day Electro/ Electronic Dance & House Music. We’ve taken the best of a few carefully hand-selected hidden treasures from artists all the way from Nigeria to Mali to Zaire and more and remixed them for a unique remake that would work on today’s dance floor. Featuring remixes by Shabaaz Foster (New York), JamNights (Chile), and The Super Ninja Pizza DJs (New York).

Well, even though I have not heard it yet ( I am at work sitting in my office as I write this where music has been banned due to my rebellious/rule breaking nature) I can tell you that it will definitely NOT be the first of it’s kind.  People have been mixing up African samples within Dance/House music since the 70’s mate.



01 – Intro (Mankind’s First Drum)
02 – Yelli Fuzzo – Abande (Shabaaz Foster’s Remix)
03 – Shabaaz Foster feat. Samba Mapangala – Malako Disko
04 – The Funkees – Akula (“Super Ninja Pizza DJs” Mix)
05 – Les Ya Toupas du Zaire – Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup (Jamnight’s Remix)
06 – Blackman Akeeb Kareem – Awa Na Re (Shabaaz Foster’s Remix)



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