First i apologize. I admit choosing that title “Con los Terroristas ?” would unsettle some people (and i love it). Have we at GenBass gone infected with that viral or are we going to behave like offended puritans and ask the author of the track to be burnt in public (after maybe a session of stoning).

Second, i do not intend to play smart, but really i wanted to share my feelings about that viral. I do not despise the track, as it is to my opinion one of the best Trap tracks released. So big up to Baaeur and Mad Decent label. In fact what worries me is more the viral thing. The first videos were cool and interesting enough to get us curious about the Harlem Shake. Then most of the following ones have only proven something : most people don’t have talent even when they have fun. But this not my point. What actually struck my mind was that “Con los terroristas”. I do not condemn rebellions or unrest and i definitely fight the idea of assimilating anyone who is opposed to a system to a terrorist. I however think that (blind) violence leads nowhere  – except to more violence. I do not think as well that the track is advocating terrorism as an act of violence, but rather as an offence to established rules about music and dance. It’s a kind of “So you think that electronic music should always have a harmonic synth line and well ordered beats ? Listen to that !

What is disturbing me however is that we live in world which at least since the year 2001 has been divided in two fairly distinct parts : good democracy and bad terrorism. And yesterday as my TV programme was again invaded by a Harlem Shake performed by dumb real TV actors, i was really asking myself : all these people (the French ones for example as it is my country) who actually supported all the speeches about fighting terrorism, driving off the frontier men with long beards praying Allah, bombing Colombian kidnappers, cleaning the streets of Rio from favelas gang members (that soccer thing…) How the fuck can they be all trying themselves on some Harlem Shake ? Because let’s be honest they are the same ones. Have they actually noticed the lyrics ?? Or are they behaving like sheep ? Sorry for insulting these animals that deserve better…

Two things however, in Tunisia students were forbidden to perform a Harlem Shake and two officers from Israeli army were condemned to jail for publishing their video. If all the sheep of the world could at least show some support to these persons…

So let’s move onto something more interesting, that would certainly deserve a lot more of sharing !


posted something like a week ago this impressive video where you can see him recreating Massive Attack’s Teardrop with vegetables as pads. Cooler than cool. If you guys were looking for a good reason to get vegetarian, now you know !


Between meditation and orientalism, this album of Australia producer Kalya Scintilla presents a perfect mixture of quiet pleasure.


… always amazing. The melodies swirl around your body like fairy dreamish silk dragons. It’s difficult to think that we listen to electronic music as the sounds reveal intense sensibility. This tiny EP is composed of two originals tracks and three good quality remixes. The original track Mouth is pure electromance.


… Someone somewhere in the States is making biutiful miusic.

Starlit Everglades – Sparkling Zebras


… artist from Montreal, Canada released this lovely remix of Sub FocusComing Closer. Listen, download&share !

Sub Focus – Coming Closer (Exist Strategy Remix ft Jess Abran)


I couldn’t resist posting about the recent release of Machinedrum‘s remixes. I’m honestly not mad about all of them, but some really reveal his qualities as a composer/remixer. (And they are free to download !)
theophilus london ft. jesse boykins iii – cold pillow (machinedrum remix)

machinedrum ft. melo-x – let it (machinedrum breathing remix)

oh no ft. cornbread – stomp that (machinedrum man parrished remix)

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